A Royal command of Utmost urgency

March 24, 1765

The Quartering Act

It has been decided by the king for the best interests of all those under the British crown to prepare quarters in both England and our colonies in the New World for our brave soldiers. Should your towns have barracks empty the soldiers will stay there, as is expected. However, should the barracks be full, doors of inns, livery stables, and quarters that are otherwise already open to the public should be open as well to soldiers. Let it be understood that no soldier is to evict or invade a private quarter of its residents, and only semi-public spaces are to be used.

Other Small Nuances

His majesty hath declared this act only to be enforced should the town barracks be filled, and not any time otherwise. While the option to build a new, larger set of barracks is possible, it would, as many things do, require taxation to receive sustainable funds, and we are just as you are trying to conserve money for more pressing issues such as military funds.