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Hello Ladies!!! Welcome to the first of the month!!! This is a new and exciting change which your leadership team has been working on! Please take the time to read the whole newsletter as there are some very important updates for you to know about!!!

With love and appreciation for all you do! Katherine, Jennifer and Holly xxx

Team Booking BLITZ Tuesday1st April - Friday 5th April

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The Reverie Chandeliers are destined to be a best seller!!!

As a team we will book this week for April shows! Any bookings get entered to win this beauties...the Reverie Chandeliers!

PLEASE POST YOUR RESULTS ON OUR Divine Rocks FB PAGE GROUP UNDER THE REVERIE PICTURE. Will draw result on the 6th April, promise! X

There is also an All Stylist Booking Blitz supported by Head Office, 10am and 7pm, Wednesday 2nd April

Booking in tight for all Bookings before Easter (one entry for a TS booked in on the 2nd April for a date before the 20th April)

From landline: 0800 229 0141

From mobile: 0203 398 3782

From Ireland landline: 1 800 932 466

Access code: 498979

**FROM Head Office

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Team APRIL Incentive ....The SWITCH Aztec Coral (HOW PRETTY IS THIS BAG?)

We all need a treat to inspire greatness. Hope you like this one as it is a goodie! :)

Qualify in April sell £600 -- 325 PCV 1 Ticket in the draw

Sell £1200 -- 2 tickets

Sell £2400 -- 3 tickets etc

Sponsor 1---1Ticket in the draw

Sponor 2--- 2 tickets

Sponsor 3---3 tickets etc

Promote Lead Stylist ---1 Ticket in the draw

Promote Senior Stylists ---2 Tickets in the draw etc...

Good luck Girls, I know you can have at least one ticket in the draw Anyone can win!!!

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I was reminded recently that you may not know of the ***BIG **** change in our team recently! Do you know this lovely lady in this smiley picture above? Her name is Christy Goodman. She is my upline direct leader whom I now have the pleasure of being on her first line. My sponsor, Erin, in the last month has had to make a change due to personal circumstances she has left Stella & Dot. I will be forever grateful to Erin for suggesting through Facebook that I reach out and go and take a look at Stella & Dot. That one simple message has had a drastic impact on my life.

Anyway long story short, I now have the honour and pleasure of being on Christy's first line. Christy, for those of you who don't know, are one of the top executive leaders of the company in Texas. Her sister is Tysh Mefferd, who is the most successful stylist in the company. The combination of the two have had a drastic impact on my business! For all that head office gives to us, Christy & Tysh, are actually the ones that help coach me and our team on a weekly business as they are living the stylists' life.

What this all means for you is ...you are that much closer to the tippy top of the company, understanding the ins and outs and the background which will help our businesses thrive into the new year! Privy to insider information but for me the most important piece is that these ladies (Christy & Tysh) authentically care about our businesses. They help make sure we are happy and inspired stylists! So if you feel like you are hearing more from this lovely lady from Texas it is because she is our Queen Bee in America :)!

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I have never been very vocal about going for a promotion or sharing my goals in a big way for I tend to be a bit more private. I know that promotions come when it is the right time. However I have been encouraged by several ladies to reach out and share with you all about April. There is an executive leadership retreat that only associate directors and above who hit their pay rank in April will be invited to attend. This is a very big ask for our entire team, with several parts that need to happen all by end of the month. I will need to sell a load, Team Clavadetscher and/or Team Scott will need to hit Star team, 4 lovely ladies on my first line will need to qualify and as a team we will all need to sell roughly £22,000 --11,500 PCV worth of jewellery. YIKES!!! This is a huge ask! Especially in April and working around the Easter Holidays. If this happens I then will have the very rare opportunity to go on the leadership retreat that will most likely have less then 10 leaders attending. Could even be less than that!!!

If we make this goal as a team, it I promise to share with you every little piece of information and coaching I can to help you grow your business in the coming year. I am so honoured to work with lovely ladies and feel incredibly fortunate to call you my peers and friends. A team that is 80+, in four different countries made up of Mums, professionals, part time, fill time stylists all with different whys but all a love of jewellery and the mission behind Stella & Dot. I am confident we can reach for this tippy top goal and I look forward to helping you in anyway I can to reach your goals as well. BY the way, If we do not make it, we will have still have the benefits of growing our businesses and pushing the needle forward to the best of our ability, which is pretty great by the way!

Thank you for taking the time to read this long email. Ooooo I almost forgot the best part... a celebration will definitely be in order if we make Associate Director Team in April! Soooo for all the lovely DIvine Rocks who qualify in April will be treated to a Champagne tea celebration. Date to be determined in May. (And not to worry if you live in a different country...a champagne tea celebration will come your way too!!!)

Here is to a smashing month and may it bring the joy to your business and your daliy life!

Lol Katherine x

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Katherine Shiatis Associate Director & Founding Stylist

SO grateful for all you do ....whether you sell one bracelet or 100's we are very honoured to have you on our team and spread the joy and bling! Please do reach out to if we can help you in anyway and join our DIVINE ROCKS FB group for daily inspiration and fun. x https://www.facebook.com/groups/126418354168029/