Fall in love with the superfruit , pomegranate!

What is a pomegranate?

Many people have heard of the exotic fruit a pomegranate, but have never tried it. The pomegranate fruit is an apple shaped fruit that is red in color on the outside. The fruit is technically a leathery-skinned berry containing many seeds, each surrounded by a fleshy, sweet and juicy aril. Varieties include ambrosia, wonderful, sweet, eversweet, red silk and sharp velvet.

Why should you eat pomegranates?

Pomegranates are a new superfood: They are high in vitamin C and potassium, a great source of fiber, and low in calories. Not only delicious, pomegranates are one of the healthiest foods you can eat! Pomegranate juice is high in three different types of polyphenols and is the most powerful anti-oxidant of all fruits.

  • Reasarch has found that its a Potent anti-cancer and immune supporting effects , lowers cholesterol, lother cardiac risk factors and even lowers blood pressure.

  • Cooking Methods for Pomegrantes!

    Pomegranates are most commonly eaten plain, but there are plenty of ways to cook with them too! Sprinkle them over a salad, use the juices in soups or maybe in baking.

    Get creative ! below are some recipe ideas.

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    The name "pomegranate" derives from the Middle French "pomme garnete" - literally "seeded apple." It is also sometimes referred to as a Chinese apple. Many scholars believe that the forbidden - yet irresistible - fruit in which Eve indulged within the Garden of Eden was actually a pomegranate (and not an apple).

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