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Greek Religion!

If I could have your attention please, thank you. We have a new religion seeker, who needs some Greek religion information.

Well, the Greeks think that the Gods and Goddesses they worship, look and often act like humans, but they don't age and die. Because, every city-state honors a God or Goddess , who were thought to give its people special protection. The Greeks also believe that each God and Goddess had power over a particular area of life.

Different cities often worship the same deities, some with epithets that distinguished them and specified their local nature. Those who aren't satisfied by the public cult of Gods, could turn to various mystery religions. Certain fundamentals are sufficiently wide-spread in order for Greeks government & society to function : the Gods existed, they can influence human affairs, and they welcomed and responded to acts of piety and worship.

The religious practices of the Greeks extended beyond mainland Greece, to the islands and coasts of Lonia in Asia Minor, to Southern Italy, and to scattered Greek colonies in Western Mediterranean. Greek religion was tempered by Etruscan cult and belief.

Thanks for the great questions/interests! See you next week!


Hello fellow Greek citizens! I'm here in Athens to report how wonderful it is. Athens is a walled in city near the beautiful sea. This city is famous for its arts and sciences and all of the people value education. Believe me any Athenian would tell you that Athens has the best literature and the best poetry as well as the best drama even the best schools.There truly a leading city state.Young women here do not attend schools. Instead they stay home and learn how to cook and sew.Their mothers are preparing them to raise a family and run a home.Young men attend school and they memorize poetry and learn how to play a musical instrument.Athens have a short but manageable food supply. They eat anything from lettuce,onions,beans,and olive oil. They depend on ships coming and going to a busy port supporting trade. Athens is a great place and I encourage you to visit!

Thanks for your time see you next week !

The Trojan War!

The Trojan War. We are here today to learn more about this war, and what happened.

The Trojan War is waged, according to some people, against the city of Troy in Asia Minor. The War is widely believed to be non-historical, along with the city itself. Preferring the dates given by Eratosthenes which roughly corresponds with, the burning of Troy. Greeks do think that the Trojan War is a historical event, that took place in the 13th or 12th century. The rumors about the war, were based on a actual struggle over control of the rich trade routes.

There is no certain evidence that Troy ever existed, still less that any events of the war ever took place. But apparently, German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, discovered that Troy was on the Mediterranean coast of modern day Turkey.

I hope this information helped you to learn about the city and the War. Thank you! See you next week!

The Olympics!

Dear fellow male citizens, I am here to report that the Olympics will start in one week! Men have been waiting four years for this and are very excited! Now is the time to consider joining the Olympics. This will be a fun experience that will bring people together. Don't worry about not finding a seat our hippodrome can sit fifty thousand people. Although some people are excited about this event, some are worried. In our last event, there was a race of forty chariots in the end one man lived. Everyone else was either injured or killed Others are worried about the pancratium. This is a mix of boxing, wrestling, biting, kicking, gouging, and strangling. Few men where permanently injured in our last event. but besides the danger, this event is very fun and cool and I encourage you to attend!

Join the Musical Group

As you know the Olympics are coming up pretty soon! There will be a musical group performing but they need more people! So if you are interested tryouts will be in 2 days at the Olympic stadium. If they like you, you just might have a chance of joining there group and performing at public gatherings, ceremonies, festivals, the theater, even on the battlefield!

Thanks for your time!

Art Trade

Tomorrow morning there will be a trading event on the west side of Athens. People are trading anything from statues to vases. But you must bring something valuable in re turn. People spend alot of time on making these beautiful statues and vases. They make them almost to perfect. So i encourage you to visit and at least look around at the beautiful work.

Thanks for your time! See you next week with the latest news!

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