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Term 1 Week 7 - Thursday 16 March 2023

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NAPLAN has begun for our Year 3 and 5 students here at QOA. Students present yesterday and today completed the Writing and Reading assessments with Language Conventions and Numeracy scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday.

If students were away for any of these assessments they will be able to sit catch ups until Monday 27th March.

School Advisory Council 2023

I am pleased to announce the School Advisory Council roles for 2023.

Paul Martin (Chair)
Ben Indrisie (Vice Chair)

Belinda Fabling (Secretary)

Marnie Selten (Treasurer)

Jamie Liu
Andrew Upfold
Pavel Orjanowski (Parish Rep)
Fr Paul Manickathan (Ex officio)
Mark Ryan (Ex officio)

Jennifer Anderson (Standing invite)

I look forward to working with the Advisory Council in the best interests of our school and community this year.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Our Parent Teacher Interviews will be conducted on Wednesday 5 April 2023 from 11.45am until late. This is an opportunity for parents to touch base with their child's teacher as to how things are going in class.

Appointments with teachers will be conducted in 10 minute time slots over the course of the day. Students will have a normal school day, finishing at 3.00pm.

Teachers will be providing parents with a link next week to secure an appointment time. If parents are unable to attend face-to-face, an online option/phone call will be provided by teachers. We encourage all parents to make an appointment and we look forward to walking alongside our parents in the education of their children.


The canteen will be closed and won't be taking orders on the following dates:

30th March & 31st March (Week 9 Term 1)

6th April (Week 10 Term 1)

27th April & 28th April (Week 1 Term 2)

The P&F are planning to organise special orders on some of the days starting with a Sushi Day on Thursday 30th March. See the flyer in the P&F section of this newsletter to place your order.

2023 Term Dates

Term 1: Wed 1 Feb – Thurs 6 April
Term 2: Wed 26 April – Fri 30 June
Term 3: Tue 18 July – Thurs 21 Sept
Term 4: Mon 9 Oct – Fri 8 Dec (Students) Fri 15 Dec (Staff)

2023 Pupil Free Days & Public Holidays

7 April = Good Friday

24 April = Pupil Free Day

25 April = ANZAC Day

5 June = WA Day

6 June = Pupil Free Day

17 July = Pupil Free Day

22 September = Pupil Free Day (Catholic Day)

Best Wishes

Mark Ryan

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Pre-Primary Lent News

During the period of Lent the Pre-Primary class has been learning to express wonder at a God that creates new life. We have achieved this through reading texts such as; Tucking in Mummy and The Very Hungry Caterpillar and creating artwork paintings of butterflies. We have read bible stories on The Resurrection, and the class has also had discussions on things that Jesus would like us to do and how we can show love like Jesus?


In Year 2 we are recognising Lent by almsgiving, donating money to people who have less than us. This is a way to show that we care for others and that we are thankful for all God has given us. After hearing the Caritas stories of Laxmi, Tereesa, Priscilla and Thu our class decided to create a Caritas Water Wall to provide clean drinking water to students in Nepal. Every time a student donates $2.00 a water droplet with a personal prayer is added to the wall to symbolise the water provided to the students of Nepal.

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The Year 4s have been working hard to complete jobs around the house to raise money for Project Compassion this Lent. The children collaborated in groups to brainstorm different ideas of jobs they could complete at home. Some ideas included folding clothes, setting the table, taking out the bins and even making breakfast for their parents!

We have also set up a water wall display in our classroom to help inspire the children to raise as much money as possible. For every $5 a child raises, they write their name on a water droplet and add it to our display wall. They then add their money to our big Project Compassion box. I’m looking forward to see how much money is raised between now and the end of the term.

Brianna Joiner – Year 4 Teacher

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News from OSH Club

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to be a part of our new National Programs that are launched and created for children. Our new programs consist of amazing adventures and extraordinary experiences during play.

Our new morning program, Rise then Shine, is designed to help children prepare their breakfast whilst also promoting healthy eating. They learn the basic skills like peeling, grating, measuring and mixing ingredients in the kitchen.

Our afternoon program Stay and Play at OSHClub provides adventures and experiences in active sports. Children will make new friends and create meaningful connections to stay and play with us. Snack Squad is allowing children to choose and cook their snacks at OSHclub.

Please feel free to see our children’s creativity and skills at OSHClub.

Our Vacation Care Program bookings will open soon. Feel free to book your children in to have unlimited fun during school holiday. Come and meet our friendly team at OSHClub for any queries or contact us on 0431 310 180.


Queen of Apostles OSH Club Coordinator

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Welcome to the latest P&F update

Don't miss out on these upcoming activities and events.

Second-hand Uniforms

Don't forget you can donate second-hand uniforms and school bags. Drop them off at the front office today!

Hop into Easter Fun - Save the date for the Easter Hat Parade.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday 5 April 2023. It’s the day of our Easter Hat Parade! We’re also planning an Easter Raffle, so stay tuned for more details.

Footy Tipping

Final chance the be a part of the Queenies P&F Footy Tipping Competition for 2023. Register and start tipping today.

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P&F Store Room Busy Bee tomorrow

Join us tomorrow – Friday 17 March at 9am.

Please email Tracy at QueeniesPnF@gmail.com to let us know if you are coming.

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Queenies Sushi Day – Order now!

The Canteen will be closed on Thursday, 30 March. Please place your order today for your child’s lunch.

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Contact us

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