6A Language Arts

Spreading the joy of reading and writing

Nov. 10-Nov. 14

*Report cards will be backpacked with your child (middle school only) on Monday, Nov. 17th.

*There is no school on Friday, Nov. 21st, due to parent/teacher conferences.

*There is no school from Wednesday, Nov. 26 through Friday, Nov. 28 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Reading: This week we began our study of epic heroes in Book Club! Students were excited to learn which text they would discover: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Beowulf, or The Hobbit. Students started the week with various hero activities in stations, from writing Hero Trading Cards to researching background about their text in an online Webquest to writing comic strips and more! Later, we delved into the vocabulary and into reading strategies and story elements to better understand the beginning of these novels.

Writing: Students planned their flash fiction based on prewriting students did in their writer's notebooks. Students had planned story elements and the beginning, middle and end before beginning their drafts. We also reflected on our short story mentor texts from the past two weeks and our various Halloween writing activities and prompts to get ideas. We ended the week with students completing their rough drafts and beginning to have conferences with the teacher.

Grammar and Word Study: In Grammar, we learned another verb tense: the progressive tense! Students identified the "formula" for progressive tense, with the linking verb always being combined with a verb form ending in "-ing." This tense shows action that is ongoing. We are loving the progressive verb form! We also reviewed adjectives and adverbs with special help from our friends Tim and Moby from BrainPop. We wrapped up the week reviewing prepositions and learning about interjections -- wow! What a week.

In Word Study, we learned about four common prefixes: ab, ap, bi, and co (as well as their alternate spellings). Students practiced writing sentences with words using these prefixes. Then, we competed to see which student groups could identify the most words with these prefixes! Sixth grade certainly likes a challenge!

Other activities: We finished watching Hercules, which provided a springboard for our Heroes unit. We also continued to research our student-driven learning project, Genius Hour!

Upcoming Due Dates/Assessments

Monday, Nov. 17

Rough Draft of Flash Fiction due