Monthly KWC Newsletter

August 2020

We're All in this Together!

I want to thank our parents and school community for being so understanding of this ever-changing situation. We are making decisions with the most current information we have, with the understanding that it could possibly change. I completely understand that it's hard for parents to plan during this time, but please know I am communicating information as soon as it's finalized or I feel it won't change. If we all stick together and continue to be understanding, we can get through this together!

Monthly Principal Updates

K-2 Devices

In May, the LCPS School Board approved the funds to ensure all students K-2 also have a 1:1 device for the fall. Students will be able to take this device home during distance and hybrid learning. Once we go back to 100% in person learning, the device will no longer be needed at home and can continue to be a resource to students in the school.

We are working with DDI on a plan for deployment of these devices. In addition, rising 3rd graders will also need a device this school year (part of the original plan that all students in grades 3-12 have a 1:1 device). I anticipate scheduling a pick-up of these devices in late August or early September before school starts. Once we have more information from DDI, I will develop a plan for KWC and share that with the community.

At that pick-up, we will also make available yearbooks (for those that didn't pick up in July) and school supplies (please see update below on more specific information about school supplies). Grade level teachers may also include materials or textbooks for pick-up. More information to come!

Back to School Night/Open House events

Beginning of the school year events!

TBD--ParentVUE portal opens for parents to see their child's class placement (no postcards will be mailed home).

September 2, 2020 Back to School Night/Open House Virtual Events

With starting the year in distance learning, all back to school night and open house events will have to be virtual this year. The plan below is an attempt to get parents the information they would receive at Back to School Night, while condensing the schedule to make it easier for parents/students to only have to attend at one point in the day.

9:00am- Teachers will email parents the link to their Back to School Night information/ presentation. This link can be watched at any time that is convenient for parents. Teachers will also email parents a Google Meet link for the synchronous meet and greets that evening.

6:00 pm- Virtual Session 1

Using the Google Meet link emailed to parents earlier in the day, parents and students can participate in a class Open House/Back to School Night. The first part of the session will be for students to be on the Google Meet to meet their teacher and classmates. The second half of the presentation will be for parents. Parents will have an opportunity to meet and greet with the teacher and ask any questions they have about the presentation that was emailed that morning.

6:45 pm- Virtual Session 2

A repeat of session 1 for those that couldn't make the 6:00 session or have multiple children at the school. Session 2 will follow the exact same format as listed above for session 1.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Playground Update

The playground is nearing completion! It is still not ready for use, but we are getting closer to that finished product. The construction crew is still working on the ground/mat under the playground. Please see pictures attached!
Big picture

School Supplies

School supply lists were developed by grade level teachers in February 2020, with the thought that students would be 100% in-person learning. None of us could have planned at that time, for what the coming months held in store for students and schools.

With the current plan of starting 100% distance learning and then transitioning to hybrid throughout the fall (for those that chose hybrid only), we are providing more clear guidance on school supplies. That guidance is listed below AND the updated school supply lists are on the school website at the following link:

School Supplies for Distance Learning

School supply lists have been edited to highlight items needed for Distance Learning. The entire list will be needed when/if your child attends in-person. For now, only items highlighted in yellow will be needed for Distance Learning. The items/brand specifics listed on this sheet were brands included in the school supply box for purchase through the PTO until July 14. If you are purchasing these items on your own, the exact brand is not needed. For example, Dixon Ticonderoga HG #2 pencils are listed on many grade level lists. If you are purchasing school supplies at the store, any pencil is fine. You may even already have pencils at home, in which case you may not need to even purchase more.

School supply boxes were on sale through the PTO until July 14. The PTO will return the purchased box at no expense to the parent within 30 days. With the new information, we wanted to be respectful of giving parents options to what was already purchased. To return your purchased school supply box, contact the PTO school supply contact, Kathi Reich at by Monday, August 17. All school supply boxes will be distributed to parents before school starts. More information to come on the plan for distributing those boxes before the first day of school.

School Supplies for Specials Classes (ART, MUSIC, PE)

On 8/7/2020, a basic school supply list for specials (PE, art, music) will be posted on the school website and emailed to all parents. Again, you may already have some of the items in your house (like a ball or jump rope, colored pencils) in which case you do not need to purchase a new one.

We are simply attempting to let parents know what supplies students will need in Distance Learning to make the most of the instruction presented by teachers. If you need financial support to purchase school supplies, please email Ken Culbert Elementary and the PTO is committed to ensure all students have school supplies. A financial need will not impede your child’s ability to fully participate in Distance Learning instruction.

Front office construction update

The front office vestibule construction is now complete! At this time, the school office is still closed to visitors. At the time it is open to visitors, below are the new enhancements to the visitor management system.

  • Upon arriving to KWC, you will ring the bell on the left side by the window. A front office staff member will welcome you to KWC, ask you to state your name and reason for your visit, and ask you to show your ID. (this step remains the same)
  • Once the visitor is buzzed into the first set of doors, they no longer have access to go through the second set of doors. There is a new door to the left with a second bell to push. The visitor will push the second bell and a front office staff member will allow you to enter directly into the office. (see picture below of the new door to enter into the office)
  • Once in the office, the sign in counter is your first stop where we will be happy to sign you in. During this time, any person that enters the building also has to complete the COVID-19 symptom checklist that is signed and dated. You will still need your ID to sign in to our visitor system. A sticker will be printed for you to wear while at school, showing all staff that you have been signed in the front office.
  • When the visitor has that sticker, they will then be allowed to exit the office into the school building.

This new process will ensure visitors go directly to the main office. The second set of doors to the hallway/lobby area have been replaced with doors similar to the exterior doors that remain locked at all times. No visitor will be able to access the school/hallway/front lobby without going into the main office first. This new process, along with other new safety measures in place, will increase student and staff safety while in the school building.

Continuity of Education Website

The Department of Instruction and Pupil Services has published a summer Continuity of Education resource for Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) families.

The website is intended to help students maintain the learning they achieved during the 2019-2020 school year so that they have a high level of readiness when school resumes for the 2020-2021 school year. All activities are voluntary and are designed to support parents in their efforts to keep students learning so their academic skills remain sharp.

The website includes:

  • Information on digital tools that students have access to this summer;

  • A link to our curriculum pages;

  • Information on family-friendly websites;

  • A link to social-emotional resources; and

  • A section on Special Education.

Updates from the PTO

Join us for our first PTO meeting of the year on August 21st @ 9:30 – 10:30 AM. Use this link:
Or dial: +​1​ ​4​4​3​-​4​2​4​-​3​7​4​2 PIN: 6​5​3​ ​8​7​4​ ​1​4​6​#. We will vote in our new PTO board members, discuss and vote on our yearly budget and funding digital content for the school, and provide general updates on PTO activities.

School Supply Kits ordered through Sprout are being delivered to KWC in August. With schools not re-opening in-person to start the year, school supplies may not be used as originally planned. Please see information above from Mrs. Edwards on new school supply information and your options as a parent. With the new information, if you want your school supply kit returned, contact Kathi Reich at by Monday, August 17. The PTO will return your kit, at no cost to the parent and your money will be refunded in full.

We appreciate your support of the PTO by purchasing your school supplies through Sprout! We were able to make over $300 that will go right back to our students and the school. Thank you!!