Let's Go on a Journey


It's Cheyanne Solis! This past spring and summer, many of you acted as the Lord’s hands and feet with your support through prayers, encouragement, and financial aid and I am reaching out to you today to invite you to continue on this journey with me…

I recently returned home from a six-month Discipleship Training School with the Christian Missions organization: Youth with a Mission. After three months of training, I had the privilege of ministering to the beautiful people of the Philippines and South Korea with a team of six others over the summer.

To God be the glory that our team had the opportunity to share the Gospel, pray, or share the love of God with what we conservatively estimated to be 2,271 people in our eight weeks in the Philippines.

That is the impact that many of YOU made alongside the work of the Lord with your support and prayers.

After such an experience, I’m eager to see more. I feel so impressed to say “yes” to the Lord again and I am reaching out to you today to invite you to continue to be a part of it!

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I’m excited to share with you how I plan to pursue more training with YWAM by applying to their three-month Leadership Track beginning January of 2015. This course will guide me in establishing more foundational, spiritual disciplines characterizing a lifestyle centered on consistently deepening worship, prayer, and studying of the Word of God.

This program not only assists me in advancing my understanding of and relationship with God, but it enables me to be considered a “staff member” within the YWAM organization. This makes me eligible to help staff Discipleship Training Schools for other students and lead ministry teams to the nations, seeing the love of God impact more and more of His people around the world.

I feel God is calling me to enter back into the YWAM community for a time to be edified further to live a life worthy of the calling He’s placed on my life (Ephesians 4:1) and to take time to seek His dreams for the coming years and beyond.

Join me in this journey!

Find out how below...


I'm selling a hand-packaged copy of an EP a friend and I will soon release of original songs, entitled Love Notes (click link for more details) by donation in efforts to raise funds for this leadership course!

The opening track is a song I wrote while undergoing my missions intensive this past spring—an opportunity I was able to have thanks to the support and prayers of many of YOU!

Contact me to pre-order your copy! I'm selling it by donation, so receive yours with any amount you feel the Lord places on your heart.

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Costs to take this leadership course run as follows:

  • Traveling expenses - $800

  • Tuition - $200/month
  • Room & board on campus - $350/month
  • Personal expenses & bills - $136/month
  • Giving & tithing - $50/month

By the goodness of God, $400 was over-raised and saved in my account from the fundraising done for my Discipleship Training School this past spring. This will go to my airfare expenses which means we only need $400 more in order to get my round-trip ticket and the we sooner I buy it, the more we can save.

Help me get to $400 as quickly as possible by partnering with me with a one-time, tax-deductible donation!


Amazingly, many have committed to offering monthly support for this three-month course! In doing so, they received a "partnership package" shown to the left, complete with a mug, prayer card, CHOCOLATE, a personal thank you card, and a free, hand-packaged copy of the soon-to-be-released EP from me and a friend of mine, Love Notes.

If you're interested in supporting me with three monthly donations of an amount of your choice, please contact me and I will get you more instructions and your partnership package!


Liberty Church has graciously offered to help me receive your one-time donations through the button below. Through this site, you will be e-mailed a receipt to make your donations eligible for tax-deductions this spring. YAY!

Donate by clicking HERE.


If you feel more comfortable writing a check, make it payable to Liberty Church with the word “donation” in the memo. Please include a note with the words "Cheyanne Solis YWAM," but please DO NOT write my name anywhere on the check itself.

Feel free to give it to me personally or mail it to:

Liberty Church

1550 Webster Street

Fairfield, CA 94533


Whether you’re financially able to partner me or it’s not in the budget, thank you so much for who you are and for taking the time to learn about this journey many have decided to take with me and the Lord!

Your prayers would be incredibly appreciated as I continue to learn how to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19) and live to “know God and make Him known.”

Have an amazing day!