THS Library Three Year Plan

From Library to Learning Commons

Transformation of the Library Media Center into a Learning Commons

Year One

What is a Learning Commons?

"The learning commons has evolved from a combination library and computer lab into a full-service learning, research, and project space." -Educause

Students and teachers no longer need a library simply for access. Instead, they require a place that encourages participatory learning and allows for co-construction of understanding from a variety of sources. In other words, instead of being an archive, libraries are becoming a learning commons. -Edutopia

The learning commons will look and feel different in every school, it must be the center of inquiry, digital citizenship, project-based learning, collaborative intelligence, advanced literacy, as well as the center of creating, performing, and sharing. -ALA Knowledge Quest

The learning commons model places a greater view on students, accessibility, cultivating community, project-based learning, flexibility, knowledge seeking, and exploration.

Key Action Steps

  • Create a collaborative learning space
  • Increase student accessibility and flexibility of space
  • Expand staff and student input and programming
Staff Survey Link

Click to share your ideas about transforming our lIbrary media center.

Let's Get Students Collaborating

There are 8 collaboration stations with mounted TVs which can display a Chromebook or mobile device to facilitate groups of students working together. Students will also be able to check out white boards/chart paper and supply boxes to support their group process. Contact Tanya Hubbard to plan a collaboration activity with your students.

Student Design Ideas

In February 2016, students from Mrs. Graham's Advanced Art class met with designers from dPOP design firm to brainstorm ideas for how to transform and refresh the space. dPOP will develop a design plan which incorporates student ideas and opportunities for students to contribute to project.
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Tanya Hubbard

Instructional Technology Coach | Library Media Specialist

Pierce Middle School and Thurston High School

South Redford School District