Andrew Jackson:

A Zero

Moving The Indians

I think that Andrew Jackson's idea of the 'Indian Removal Act' was a bad choice. Also there was a ruling that said the Cherokee People could stay on their lands but Andrew disagreed and ignored it. The Cherokee Indians were relocated to Oklahoma because their lands were desirable for gold and cotton.

King Andrew the First

Andrew Jackson was thought of as a tyrant because of his abuse to his presidential powers. Andrew ignores the rules of the constitution and thinks of it as its not even there. Jackson used the power to veto more than any other president.

Spoils System

Andrew Jackson's choice of using 'The Spoils System' was a bad one. Rewarding his supporters with jobs was not good because none of the people were qualified or fit for the job they were just 'Common Man.' Giving unqualified people jobs just because they are supporters will not help the government in any way but getting Jackson more vote or supporters which only works in his favor.

Andrew Jackson's Precidency

This picture shows like a preview of Jackson's presidency. it shows Andrew Jackson as a devil, how some people saw him through their eyes.

Andrew Jackson's Biography

Video of Andrew Jackson