Rome's most wanted


Wanted for :

- Killing Caesar

- Manipulation

- Refuses to kill Antony

Physical Description :

- Idealistic

- Short hair

- Usually old

- Friend of honor and conspirator of Caesar

- According to Shakespeare he was the tragic hero

Archetype - Flawed Ruler

- Powerful man with a flaw

- Brother of Julius Caesar

- Loves Rome more than his own brother " Not that i love Caesar less but I love Rome more"

- Makes mistakes constantly in the public eye

- Associated with Antony but he's his enemy

Reward / facts

A bag of gold money monetary for reward

- Q.Caepio who had been engaged to Julia daughter of Julius Caesar until Caesar himself broke off the engagement a few days before 59 B.C in order for her to get pompey

- His conspiracy was him being against Caesar ruling over Rome

- "noblest man of all Rome"

- After Caesars death he was maneuvered by Antony

- Joined 52 attacks in Pompey