Dresden Library Media Center News

Fall 2018

Six Flags Read To Succeed Program

The following teachers are registered.

Thank You!

Sharmeka Barrett-Taylor

Joann Bryant

Taylor Deese

Rebecca Denmark

Rosarie Hoskin

Andrea Jones

Carolyn Jones

Bernadette Pascal

Asiaona Smith

Tiawanna Thompson

Megan Turner

Maria Vatzakas

Vernita Young

To get your name added to the list for a free ticket to Six Flags, please complete the form below.

Pizza Hut Book It!

Pizza Hut rewards your students with free pizza by partnering with you to increase the number of books and hours our students are reading daily. Stop by the library media center today to pick up your Book It Packet.

Drum Roll Please...

Is your classroom in the top 10?!?

1.Hoskin, Rosarie

2.Denmark, Rebecca

3.Deese, Taylor

4.Laired, Sydney

5.Maxey, Robert

6.Hill, Aaron

7.Smith, Deshaun

8.Vatzakas, Maria

9.Williams, Tracey

10.O'Neal Sampson, Shari

Sign your class up today to check out books from the library media center.

Congratulations to the book check out leaders, as of October 28, 2018.

The October winner will be announced during the first week of November.

STEM E-Books

Did you know we have E-Books? These books are just in time for multi-disciplinary fairs that are right around the corner. The print book is available in the media center and is also available in ebook format. Download the ebook anywhere the internet is available, that includes portable devices and smart phones.

Please share these resources with our parents!

Website - http://abdodigital.com/

username: dresdenes

password: student

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Volunteers Needed

Dresden students will participate in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, which will be held at Arabia Mountain High School on Saturday, January 29, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.

We need volunteers to help our students compete and win!

If you would like to help chaperone our team or help us read and prepare competition questions, please complete the attached form.

Discovery Education

Register for Discovery Education access today.

The Autumn Sampler is a great tool for providing your students access to visual content about upcoming events and holidays.

Discovery Education - Autumn Events


Digital Citizenship

Please share these resources with your students to encourage safe and healthy habits while using technology.

What is the Internet


A poem from the internet - Spanish


Pause and Think Online


Super Digital Citizen


My Online Neighborhood


Sesame Street Internet Security – Spanish


Private and Personal Information


Power of Words – Cyberbullying


Digital Sesame Street – No Distances


Follow the Digital Trail


Mindful Messaging


No to cyber dependency – Spanish


Suggestions for Orders and Curriculum Map

We've asked and we really need your help to develop a library collection with books that are meaningful to your classroom instruction. Suggestions are due Friday, November 2, 2018.

You have units planned and the library media center can provide resources to help!

When you're ready, give us a copy of the curriculum map. Both documents are attached below.

Electronic Resources

Pebble Go (Grades K-2)

Family of four research databases covering Animals, Science, Biographies and Social Studies


Pebble Go Next (Grades 3-5)

Family of four research databases covering Social Studies, Science, States and American Indians


Brain Pop


World Book Encyclopedia


Collection of resources to find information about many different topics

Brittanica ImageQuest

Millions of rights cleared images from one trusted site


Dresden Library Catalog


Destiny can be accessed anywhere you have Internet access. There is also an icon on your desktop.

You can customize Destiny for your own use by your login and username.

Username: employee id (e12345678)

Password: my destiny


username: s+student number

username (teachers): e+employee number

password: mydestiny


Have you used GALILEO for Kids?

GALILEO is a great resource for your students.

The website is www.galileo.usg.edu

Please see Ms. Neal or Ms. Flanagan for the latest password.

Mailbox Subscription Free for Teachers

You have access to the Mailbox magazine for teachers.

The Mailbox has more than 52,000 teaching ideas and activities for Grades Pre-K through 6th grade.

Go the GALILEO website - www.galileo.usg.edu

Click "Databases A-Z"

Click "M" and scroll down to "The Mailbox"

If prompted enter the username and password.

For password information, please contact the library staff.

Resources for DeKalb County Teachers

DeKalb County Schools Professional Library


Learning Resources Center


Metro East GLRS

The Metro East GLRS Materials and Production Center offers make and take materials and a resource library that supports educators who wish to create custom materials for their classroom.

Monday through Thursday - 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

The center is closed on Fridays.

For more information (678) 676-2417