"American Hero"

By: Essex Hemphill

The poem "American Hero" has a much deeper meaning than just the words. In it it has a person who is playing in a basketball game and he is the "hero" of the game. But in the end he describes how he is only a "Hero" on the basketball court. If he were to live in another town or not play basketball he would just be a normal and forgotten person. The authors tone is first happy but then changes to depressed. This is because he is the "Hero" of the basketball court but he then realizes if he were to be living in a different town he would be a forgotten or shamed upon person rather than the "Hero".

"I scored thirty-two points this game and they love me for it." (Hemphill 13-15)

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"But there are towns, certain neighborhoods where I'd be hard pressed to hear them cheer if I moved on the block." (Hemphill 18-22)