SABE Community Newsletter

March 19th, 2021

Director's Message

Hello SABE Family!

Below has more information in response to our NMPED's newest updates for "Full Re-Entry". It does not mean all students return. Please see below and feel free to ask questions as needed.

Spring is approaching!! The winds have come up, the warm weather is popping up, and allergy season is here! Please look for those changes in our Dr. Owl screener beginning this week to address these allergy symptoms. If your child has seasonal allergies, please contact their primary care doctor or allergy specialist and ask them to provide you with a note indicating this condition. This will help in eliminating these symptoms from being COVID19 symptoms.

On another important note, please make sure you complete the Returning Student form in the links below. We are ready to start working on our plans for the 2021-2022 school year and the Lottery will be held on May 13th. We need to confirm if your child will be attending SABE next year!! The first 100 parents to respond will be entered into a drawing for a gift card at a local Rio Rancho restaurant.

Stay healthy and well SABE family!

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SABE is growing! We are currently at 212 students in our kindergarten - 8th-grade program. Please complete this form to save your child's space at SABE!


Please click on this LINK to complete your form for your child's space to be saved.


If you have another child that will be joining us at SABE, in either Kindergarten - 8th grade, please click on this LINK to complete the form for your child's space to be saved.


If we do not hear from you to save your child's space, it will be opened for new student enrollees. Our budget is determined by the number of students enrolled. If you enroll your child and things change and you are aware that they will not be returning, please contact us immediately at 505-771-0555 so that we can open up the space for other students.

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March 22nd (NMPED's Full Re-Entry Announcement)

We were notified on Monday, March 8th by the NMPED of their news that they will be asking all schools to move to a Full Re-Entry status by or before April 5th. We are very lucky because we have already been in session since the beginning of the year so much of the stress and confusion other schools and charters have right now, we do not. Our Governing Council approved our Phase-3 entry this week.

Please see the questions as they relate to this newest Phase for SABE.

What does Re-Entry mean for SABE?

We are currently recalculating every classroom square footage space and moving furniture to accommodate as many students as possible while still maintaining the NMDOH, CDC, and NMPED's requirement of six-foot distancing.

What is next?

We will make all allowable space available in every classroom, however, because every classroom is different, that might mean a different number of "allowable" spaces in that classroom and grade.

Who will be allowed to return?

We will use the data from you, the parents when determining who to call to return to school. We will be using the information submitted in our waitlist form by parents sent in our last two newsletters. If you did not sign up, you still can. Please access the waitlist at to add your child's name to the list.

Is it too late to have my child return?

No. Please use this link to complete the Waitlist form. We will do our best to try and bring every child whose parents choose for them to return. However, when we are at full capacity based on the 6-foot distancing, we do have to stop allowing students in.

We have been very fortunate to have only one case at our school and we believe that is because we have been really strict to following protocols and making sure we are doing everything we can to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. We will continue to do that!

How will I be notified if my child can return or if my child's name is on the waitlist?

The school will call you by Friday to inform you if your child's name is on the waitlist and can return. If you do not recall, please email to confirm if your child's name is on the waitlist.

Does my child have to return to school?

No. We will continue with our Online Academy and there is no need to notify us if you are choosing to remain there.

What do I need to do to prepare for my child to return?

Please see below! :)



What is the daily schedule for At School Program?

Drop off begins at 7:30am at their designated Zone, please look for signs.

Students report directly to their classrooms.

Students are dismissed at 2:45pm.

Pick-up begins at 2:45pm at that same zone where they were dropped off. Please have your Pick Up tag! Please watch the videos on DriveLine below! :)

How do I download and complete the daily student health screener?

All staff, students and authorized visitors are required to complete the Dr. Owl screener. It is a downloadable phone application. Please see the video directions below. Your child will not be allowed to exit the vehicle until those dropping them off show us the "green" indicator that they are . It is important that you are honest about all questions. Should they not be allowed to be dropped off, you will be advised of the next steps.

Will breakfast and lunch be provided?

Yes, they will have a break for each meal. If your child opts to bring their own lunch, it needs to be brought with them in the morning.

Will they have a recess break?

Yes, they will have Movement Breaks with our PE and Art teacher, Mrs. Morgan.

What do I need to do to prepare my child to return?

  • Two masks at all times and wear a mask at all times
  • Backpack
  • School supply pack, which we will give them on Monday
  • School-issued Chromebook
  • Headphones with a microphone, if they don't have any, we will provide them a set
  • Agreement to Comply form (see below), if you are not able to print it, we will provide a copy on Monday to be returned by Tuesday
- YouTube
- YouTube
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Online Academy

Kindergarten - 3rd Grades & 4th - 8th Grade Students

We have made no changes to this program and it will remain the same! For our 4th - 8th grade students, the change happened last week when we brought back our 6th - 8th-grade students.

Those schedules are below, but this is not a change you were not already aware of.

4th & 5th Grade Schedules

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6th, 7th & 8th Grade Schedules

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State Assessments & District Benchmark Assessments

Last year, the NMPED waived all typically mandated state annual assessments so we did not have to administer any spring tests. However, this year, they are asking that we offer parents the opportunity to opt-in to the state testing, which means that you can have your child take the assessments as listed if it is your preference. See the list below and how to opt-in and have your child take the assessment. These assessments do require in-person testing and would require you to bring your child to school.


Administered to our identified English Langauge Arts in Kindergarten - 8th grades. This is a face-to-face computer based test and includes four sessions.

New Mexico Measures of Student Success and Achievement (NM-MSSA)

Administered to all 3rd-8th grade students in English Language Arts and Math.

New Mexico Assessment of Science Readiness (NM-ASR)

Administered only to 5th and 8th-grade students.

Please note. The NMPED is requiring all districts to maintain, as much as possible, the school's benchmark/interim on-site testing. We are still administering our SABE Benchmark/Interim Assessments. These include K-8th grade NWEA Math, K-8th NWEA Reading, K-8th NWEA Spanish Reading, K-8th DRA & EDL (Reading), and K-2nd grade Istation and Istation Espanol. These benchmark/interim tests are valuable to four students. These are what teachers and administration look at to provide the extra support to our students and determine what our students know.

These assessments we are either doing online for our Online Academy students or at the school for our At School Program. These assessments are utilized by our school and teachers for our classroom and school data to check for student growth, needed student support and to help us determine our focus on teacher instruction and student learning. These do continue to be a huge part of what we do and give us quick data on how to respond to student need and teacher instruction!

There is no need to respond to this form unless you would LIKE to have your child take one of the state assessments as listed above.

If you WOULD LIKE for your child to participate in their respective assessment as listed below, please complete this form.

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More Information:

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Keep yourself COVID informed...

Remember, if you or someone in your household test positive for COVID 19, please notify Mrs. Rodriguez immediately.

Register for the vaccine here:

NMDOH COVID-19 Vaccine Information


New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH)

New Mexico Public Dashboard

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

WestEd Resources for Teachers: COVID-19

US Department of Agriculture: Food & Nutrition

National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health

Pandemic EBT Hotline for Parents

Coronavirus Health Hotline


Please use the number above if you have HEALTH related questions about the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Information Hotline


Please use the number above if you have questions about school closures, job issues etc.

NMDOH Coronavirus Microsite

This microsite has been established to be a resource for the public for all things COVID-19