Digital Resources

Things I used in my classroom that we LOVED!

Share the Obvious!

I wanted to share some things with you all, and I am sure these will not be the last! Having been a digital classroom teacher for the past 3 years, I just can't let it go! :) I LOVE sharing and I hope you will share with me too!! Doesn't the saying go, Share your Obvious because chances are it's not obvious to everyone. That is how we all learn new things!! The best resources we have are EACH OTHER!! :)

Disney Instrumental Music

Here is a site that is all of the Disney songs in classical music. It is great for background music any time of the day! It was a class favorite during Writing Workshop!

Focus Music

Here are a few links with music created for "concentration/work and focus study aid."


If you go to and search:

Profile: Bridget Visser - you will find my Symbaloo account.

You can add these webmixes to your own Symbaloo or just bookmark the site for the future.

Symbaloo is the place where I keep all of my frequently visited sites all in one place. I open this daily and have quick access to things. I have Go Noodle, Just Dance Brain Breaks, ebooks, blogs I read, short hook clips for lessons, Sight Word Songs, and everything!

If you have not tried Symbaloo, you should! I use it personally and I also have used it for my class to quickly locate sites I want them to visit many times within a unit or such. This allowed them to revisit these sites quickly since they were 6! Similar to Blendspace, but different. :)