The Atomic Bomb

Taylor Patrick Academic 2

Have you ever wondered what the atomic bomb did? Many people wonder what dropped the atomic bomb and what it did. At 8:15 on august 6 1945 B-29 bomber dropped a atomic bomb jappenese city of Hiroshima killing about 80,000 people. 3 days later a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki causing about 40,000 more people to die. In conclusion the bombs that got dropped are a very deadly thing that happened.

Saw from the last paragraph many people were kill'lt in Hirushima and Nagasaki by the bombs that were let down. The US B-29 was what dropped the atomic bomb.The US B-29 was a bomb aircraft. 3 days later the aircraft dropped bomb agian but this time in a diffrent city. The US B-29 came back but this time in Nagsaki. The US B-29 was able to bomb 2 cites in japan which were Nagsaki and Hirushima.

So, who and what was able to go to the sky and drop 2 bombs in Japan. August 6, 1945 US B-29 aircraft was able to do that because it was an aircraft. 3 days later a second bomb was dropped in a different city because the US B-29 came back. As it all wraps up you know that many people in Nagsaki and Hiroshima got killed from the action of the US B-29 aircraft.