Tanana Family Newsletter

Week of August 31-September 4

From the Desk of Principal Marquand

Last week, I’m proud to report that your children are settling into routines as we move further into the school year. I wanted to take a moment to share with you the best practices for online education so we provide an equitable and high-quality online education.

At Tanana, we want to make sure we keep the “ideal vision” of online instruction in mind when designing activities and working with students. In an optimal asynchronous model, all necessary instruction is provided as a prerecorded video along with “worksheets” or activities for students. This is for numerous reasons, chief of which being that Zoom is not an effective or equitable way to provide direct instruction to an entire class of students simply because of the connectivity issues that exist in Fairbanks. A large number of students are losing information due to audio cutting out, glitches, or internet limitations. A recorded video of instruction can be downloaded and viewed offline, at a convenient hotspot and this is critical for many of our students. Recording lessons in advance gives students the ability to follow at their own pace, pause and replay as necessary. For any families without connectivity or significant connectivity challenges, weekly learning packets are available at our self-service kiosk and assignments are refreshed on Wednesdays. Our self-service kiosk is available daily, Monday-Friday, from 8:30 am - 8:00 pm. The kiosk will open on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

Our Zoom instruction time is for us to connect with students directly and help them be successful, provide help and clarification, conduct discussions about the content in the pre-recorded video and provide support as students need it.

With this model, there is an expectation that students have already watched the pre-recorded material of the lesson, then the 20 minutes is spent discussing the concept as a whole group and applying the learning in a small group, so in turn individual students can apply the learning to their own assignment for grading and feedback during our Zoom Office Hours,which is noted as asynchronous work time on our schedules. This is either from 9:30-11:00 or 1:30-3:00. This is the time in a student’s schedule to ask for help and individualized feedback. In a traditional classroom setting, students would raise their hand while they worked to indicate they need help from the teacher or would line up to ask the teacher for assistance. In a remote learning setting, our Zoom rooms are open and available with the waiting room on. Having the waiting room enabled, maintains student privacy to support individual needs, while another student waits their turn for the teacher, just like lining up at the teacher’s desk in a traditional time.

Our Virtual Tanana page has an “Announcements” page, which is where all news for students and families is located. This page has space for per-house announcements, as well as school-wide information. This page is where all of our announcements and bulletins are curated for easy reference.

The house Google Sites is where you will find the links to Zoom, Google Classroom, and other important resources (such as schedules). The Google Classroom is where all student assignments and materials are located to support learning.

Contained in this issue, you will find our weekly instructional update by house, as well as electives. Thank you for all of your support as we navigate this learning journey together!

Drive -Up Instrument Tuning

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In Art Department News . . .

This week Ms. Cozzini's students shared the cover art of their personalized Tanana planners. These planner designs were selected as the Best of...

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In Red House News . . .

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In Yellow House News. . .

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In Orange House News

The Orange Team Ravens are off and flying into new lands with the topic of, “Tell Me Your Story”. This week we started with the Bering Sea Land Bridge and the people and animals that crossed it. Students either wrote a poem, wrote a paragraph OR made a cartoon about what they learned.

Also,students took a pre-test to determine their Lexile level. The Lexile level gages where the student is with their reading level. We hope that our Ravens will soar with their learning this year and move a Lexile level or two.

Next week, we will continue the study of Native Americans for social studies. Science will be introducing Bacteria and Viruses so that we can begin researching and studying various diseases of the time. English will be reading short stories of Native Americans while gaining skill in how to write short stories.

Supplies for our first lab will be available at the school beginning on Monday 9/2 for pick up. There will be a cart located at the front door from 9 am-4 pm.

Based on family feedback we are reviewing and updating schedules to include clear instructional blocks for each content area. Please watch for these next week. The original schedule was created with intentions to simplify students connecting during these challenging times

Student Work Showcase

The Ancient Beringians

By: Micah Wodrich, Orange House

Once upon a time in the northern hemisphere

People started to think it’s getting crowded here

So they cried out let’s get out of this place

And everyone agreed the whole human race

They found a land bridge that stretched out of sight

This could work they said and they were right

And so many people went right on their way

Saying I might come back some day

There was a small group from thuringia

That said let's name the bridge beringia

And so that's where they settled down

They lived there and made a town

Then it got to be really cold

They said this is it we are sold

But then all of a sudden the weather seized

And so they decided let’s move east

Afterwards the tribe decided to split into three

And they went on their way and left each other be.

Attention Military Families

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Local Immunization Services

Substitutes Needed!

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Student Password - Email sent to students needing to update their passwords

Here is a copy of the email students with weak passwords received:

Your password has your s-number in it. It is easy to guess and that can make your data and school work available to others. In order to keep you safe we need you change your password to one only you know by September 8th, 2020. If you do not, we will change your password for you and you will have to call your teacher to log in again.

Please look at this page, or have your parents help you choose a new, better password:

Your password can be changed by going to this page: https://pwreset.k12northstar.org

If you have any questions, please email security@k12northstar.org.