Principal's Post-its

News from Ms. Mendel for the Week of September 28-October 2

What's going on at DHE this week?

September 28--Bus Evacuation Drill and Celebration Assembly @ 12:50 p.m.

October 1--Husky-Mart opened from 7:45-8:10 a.m.

October 2--Civility Assembly @ 7:40 a.m.

News from Mrs. Brummel, PE Teacher

WOW! It is so good to be back at Harrison. I appreciate the warm welcome I received as I returned from maternity leave. In the month of OCTOBER the Physical Education classes will participate in a FOUR SQUARE unit. This is a great activity that can be played indoors or outdoors and at a variety of locations. Students are able to participate in a four square game during physical education class, recess, at the park, or even draw a court with sidewalk chalk on your driveway.

Nutrition and health is a topic that is been explored in P.E. this month. These two concepts are very important to me and I hope to help each child learn about the food pyramid, activity levels, and the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise plan. At the conclusion of each class students are given an opportunity to quiz each other on the knowledge they have gained throughout our studies of the body and nutrition.

I am so excited to incorporate technology and IGNITE in Physical Education. Students will be exposed to a variety of applications and fitness programs in P.E. We are also using the program “Go Noodle,” to work on physical fitness and cross curricular activities. I have been very impressed with all of our Huskies and their abilities to combine aspects from physical education and a variety of other concepts in class.

Harrison Huskies have been striving to display good sportsmanship and we have had a variety of discussions of what a good and bad sport look and sound like. I encourage you to discuss this with your child and remind them that good sportsmanship is an important aspect of sports, recess, and life. I always use the “golden rule,” expression with my students: Treat others how you would like to be treated . J

Thank you for your support

Music Performance Schedule for 2015-2016

Mrs. Fetzer has all kinds of awesome performances planned this year! Please take a minute to check out this year's schedule at the following link:

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Ron Hearst Visits DHE!

KY-3 Meteorologist, Ron Hearst, visited our first graders and shared with them what it's like to be a meteorologist. They learned all about his job duties and what he does when it comes to tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods, droughts, and more. Our Huskies loved this presentation! Our first grade team kicked off their Project Based Learning unit on Weather by calling up Mr. Hearst!

All Pro Dad Breakfast

Big thanks to all the dads who showed up for our first All Pro Dad Breakfast! The theme for this first one was "The Power of Words." Our next All Pro Dad Breakfast will be November 20th at 7:00 a.m. Hope to see even more dads then!
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Staff Birthdays

January: 1- Chelsea Tepe

2- Dawn Licata

10- Kim Taylor

12- Heather Lashley

22- Paula Palmer

February: 5- Scotty Kujath

10- Erica Brummel

15- Richard Kaiser

27- Roxie McQuarry

March: 11- Amy Fetzer

12- Jamie Baumann

13- David Harrison

April 13- Taryn Miller

17- Kim Patterson

May 8- Sunny Taylor, Cheryl Baxter

26- Chris Mendel

June 3- Elizabeth Dodds

8- Kortney Fisher, Katelyn Dorsey

19- Gina Wegrzyn

25- Sharon Miller

July 3- Nancy Samples, Rachel Bodoin

5- Carrie Alkier

11- Laura Kellison

14- Andrea Blaine

19- Geri Upp


23- Joanna Clark, Amy Schmitz

October 4- Katie Kaufman

20- Angela Hiller

November 2- Thomas Schembri

12-Julee Curry

14- Charlie Rowell

17- Susan Trotter

26- Dawn Carriker

December 27- Katie Frey

29- Kevin Zimmerman