University of Texas

Austin, TX 78712


Leadershape is a program to make you a better person and leader. This six day program at the university will show you how to lead a life with integrity. A opportunity for 60 student to unlock there true leader potential. It is open to all undergraduate students with any major. Those who do this program at UT will learn how to disregard the impossible.

Teaching Awards

Faculty are selected to be given a teaching award. This is given to teachers who have shown teaching excellence in the core curriculum. These awards select a variety of teaching specialists and do not just consist of professors. A certain number of awards are awarded to the teachers each academic year.

Lighting of the Tower

The Texas University Tower has been lit for many occasions. It is tradition to light it when a goal has been reached or any achievement. Recently it has been lit for the UT newspaper. The newspaper made amazing achievements at the College Media Association’s annual convention in New York City.