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April Newsletter

March Kudos! Top in Sales!

Jennifer Cullen $6,135.00

Lauren Lewis $5,461.00

Katherine Laskey $3,205.00

Morgan Rutherford $3,008.00

Gina Marchi $2,840.00

Mary Agnes Ingold $2,743.00

Michele Berger $2,707.00

Emily Rose $2,504.00

Amanda Leggette $2,445.00

Elizabeth Beidler $2,017.00

Katie Henderson $1,658.00

Aaron Narron $1,576.00

Christin Kiel $1,439.00

Jane Morrison $1,415.00

Grayson Smith $1,383.00

Kristin Hennessy $1,353.00

Danielle Gardner $1,285.00

Kimberley Reed $1,195.00

Jenni Albertini $1,185.00

Emma Lipscomb $1,116.00

Diane Shaw $1,071.00

Heather Simmons $1,024.00

Carson Cataliotti $1,015.00

Meagan Minott $1,003.00

Welcome the new Sterling Dotters!

Heidi Fox, Lori Long, Katie Shelton, Ashley Burleson, Jessica Capps, Emily Rose, Renee Tyler, Kim Satterfield, Danielle Farina, Kelly Taddonio, Sarah Cole, Shawlawn Hildreth and Sydney Wells!

Please listen in on our NEW STYLIST call TONIGHT (Sunday) at 8pm with myself and Star Stylist Jen Cullen!!

Start Time: 8:00PM-9PM
Dial-in Number: 1-646-307-1300
Participant Access Code 5742556

Top in Sponsoring

Lauren Lewis (3)

Jennifer Cullen (1)

Kimberley Reed (1)

Chantal Sheaffer (1)

Kate Cadwallader (1)

Kaylie Blanton (1)