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Guide to Choosing High Pressure Cleaning Brisbane

Often referred to as water-blasting or hydro-cleaning, high pressure cleaning refers to use of water propelled at very high speeds when cleaning using a water gun. It is a type of cleaning that is very effective in removing films, paint, sealants and rubber from a wide range of surfaces. A water gun can be of low pressure (less than 5,000 psi) or high pressure (5,000-10,000 psi). Cold or hot water can be used during cleaning depending on material to be removed and surface to be cleaned.

Some of the high services that both home and office cleaners Brisbane service providers offer include fleet pressure cleaning for both private and commercial vehicles, concrete cleaning and graffiti removal services among other others.

Pressure Cleaning Service

Pressure cleaning is a service offered by several cleaning service providers including high pressure cleaning Brisbane. However, the fact that here are several service providers does not mean that all offer the same level of service. A service provider you choose will determine quality of cleaning service you will receive, which will certainly reflect for your customers or visitors in case of home cleaners Brisbane. It is therefore important that you only choose the right service provider and below are just a few things to look out for when selecting one.


Different high pressure cleaning Brisbane service providers offer different levels of cleaning service. Their level of service certainly impacts on their reputation in the industry. Make it a point to ascertain a service provider’s reputation before you make any commitments. This you can do by simply asking for references that you can contact for their experience of dealing with a service provider.


High pressure cleaning can be cheap or expensive depending on your high pressure cleaning need. Even so, the fact that different service providers give different quotes for the same high pressure cleaning job makes it necessary to get several quotes before picking a service provider. A professional and reliable service provider should ideally inspect your home or office to determine level of cleaning job at hand before giving you a quote. It is always a good idea to what a quote covers so that you know what you will be paying for.


It is very important that you ascertain a high pressure service provider’s capacity to clean before you commit. In addition to a service provider having the proper license and necessary insurance, it is important that the service provider has the necessary high pressure cleaning equipment and expertise to undertake quality high pressure cleaning.

Although looking at the above issues should make it possible for you to find the right service provider for your high pressure cleaning need, it is always a good idea to determine whether or not a service provider that interests you offers any additional service such as pest control Brisbane. This can be beneficial even if it means incurring additional costs considering that it is possible to find pests in offices and homes.

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