listening to music during class

by taya adkins

how does listening to music help you focus?

listening to music while working helps because if its to loud or quite music helps you get away from that enviorment.

how doest it make the person feel?

When listening to music and working it can sometimes make whatever work your doing feel more lively

whats the best choice of music to listen to?

music is a powerful art from that can bring up emotion,insparation and motivation.When listening to music the best kind is classical.It may not be something you listen to ever but it helps you focus much more.

Is there any proof?

Yes a school in Arizona let kids have ipods for music in class for a big test week.When that happend 57% of kids gpas went rising up!

stuff to know.....

when having the ability to listen to music during school encourages kids to come to class.The reason for that is,is because now they have something to look forward to other then the great ability to learn