By: Jenifer CH. 12/9/13

first month

The first month of your pregnancy is a time of great physical and emotional adjustments. Luckily, this month is flying: when you realize you're pregnant because virtually ended.
The reason for this discrepancy in the accounts of your pregnancy is simple as it is difficult to establish the exact time of fertilization (sperm can stay alive in your uterus for two days), the beginning of your pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. That is, if your last period began on January 1, you have sex on the 15th of the month, and you discover your pregnancy on February 1, your 40 weeks of pregnancy are effective from January 1. Set the beginning of your pregnancy helps you determine when your baby born using a calculator due date

Second month

The second month of pregnancy begins more or less in the fifth week of pregnancy because the symptoms are a little more noticeable and annoying, your body is having hormonal changes which will translate into more sleepy and tired. Like I said before, the discomfort continues. Your breast will be sensitive and increases blood flow your body is preparing to shelter your baby so you can grow and feed your proferly.

Third month

From the third month of pregnancy the embryo stage ends and begins the fetal period, ie the embryo is now called fetus. On the other hand, your mom will notice that the clothes will start to be more accurate and though you see clearly that you have grown belly, has uploaded some weight. Will miss a few weeks to begin to feel it inside you.Changes inside your body are also important, your uterus is harboring to your baby at this stage should not exceed 5 inches. You may have gone from 1 or 1 kilo and a half, it will be important to start taking care of yourself from now on, your doctor can guide you about the foods that will benefit action now.

Fourth month

The fourth month of pregnancy marks the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy. It is marked by tranquility as it disappears the fear of losing the baby, as spontaneous abortions are more characteristic of the first trimester of pregnancy. Notice the first kicks of the baby is a sign of good health. The first fetal movements or baby's kicks are noted between weeks 16 and 18 in the case of second or subsequent pregnancy and around week 19 or 20 when it is the first pregnancy.