2015 Year in Review

Intro to Marketing- Cooper Portillo Pd. 6

Three Companies That Marketed thier Comapnies the Best

  1. Nike marketed themselves very well in 2015. I always see commercials of famous soccer players wearing and playing in the latest soccer cleat and them scoring and playing so well in them. The cleats themselves look very good because Nike makes them look really good in the commercials.
  2. Apple was also a company that marketed themselves the best. In 2015 they came out with the new iphone 6s and 6s plus. These were the must get phones. they included some three D type things and live photos, it was and still is super cool. The commercials are just captivating.
  3. BMW was a good companies last year. they marketed so many new cars and as always very good cars. in their commercials they would show people test driving their cars at high speeds and would show of their cars and made people interested in them.

Best products of 2015

1. iPhone 6s

2. Nike tiempos legend 6

Worst Products of 2015

1. hover boards

2. kanye west clothing line

Top movies and how they were marketed

  1. Star wars The Force Awakens: was a very popular movie because its part of a sequel. they markets it very well too. since its part of like a sequel it has built up more and more fans which is why it puts it on the top chart.
  2. Jurassic world is the second top movie of 2015. This is also like a sequel. the same way the star wars movie has built up more and more fans the same is with this movie, this movie is a thrill and who doesn't like thrills and action and adventure?!?! which is why it puts it self at one of the top movies of 2015.
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Top music artist of 2015

1. Justin Bieber market his music extremely well in 2015. Dropping his album "Purpose" towards the end of the year in November and immediately was a hot hit. He has had many interviews about his success and his life. the songs were meant to relate with the listeners and that's what made these songs so popular, you can say he did it on purpose.

2. Bryson Tiller became know just last year. His first big hit was the song called "don't". this song was very popular song. just like Bieber, he relates to his listeners which is why his songs are hits. other songs that are popular by him are "Sorry not sorry" and "exchange". personally these are the of my favorite songs.

Top ten songs of 2015

  1. Hello by Adele
  2. Sorry by Justin Bieber
  3. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
  4. Hotline Bling by Drake
  5. What Do You Mean? by Justin Biber

New Years Resolutions

Personal improvement - Start grinding in soccer again.

Family and Friends - Try to be nicer to everyone.

School and the other world - Maintain all As and a few Bs.