John Deere

Vanessa Peters

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He was born February 7, 1804. In 1808 his father left him and his mother behind to go to England. As a boy he went to a public school, when he was 17 John became a blacksmith.
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When he was 33 years old he moved to Illinois seeking more in life. He set up a shop and repaired plows. People kept coming in with the same problems, he saw the opportunity to make improved and better plows then the ones selling. Local farmers started to buy into his new inventions. In 1843 Leonard Andrus became John Deere's partner. After a few years there became a high demand for the new plows. In 1847 Deere moved south seeking more business, he sold the business in Illinois to Leonard. South there were more benefits that could help him grow.

Being an entrepreneur he took the risk on moving his family hundreds of miles away. When he saw the chance to make something big he took it. After seeing how his ideas were needed he craved for more success. Thus he moved a second time. The risk was worth it! He worked hard and helped change farming throughout the United States.

Affect on Sociecty

The new and improved plows helped farmers dramatically. They made farming faster and more efficient. The company is now one of the biggest companies for agriculture.

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