Appleby Area

December Recap & January excitement

Happy New Year!

Yay..2014, here I come! This is the year we will become a Region and will promote out regions...I am so excited! There are so many incentives from Arbonne going on right now too! Debbie Neal did a great call - Roadmap to Region by GTC -

December Recognition

Top Area

Courtney Appleby

Top District

Courtney Appleby

Top Personal QV

Genna Rogers

Top Sponsor

Kelly Dallaire

Denise Hendershot

Sponsored all "new" with 150 qv (and a free gift for the "new")

Kelly Dallaire

Denise Hendershot

Remember I am here to help. If you are happy with your Arbonne business is, then I am thrilled Arbonne is giving you what you want. If you want more I will dedicate myself to helping you get what you want - only catch is that you have to ask. If I don't hear from you I am assuming you are content with your position.


My New Years Resolution is to be honest about what I want and to ask for it. What's yours?