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English 9 Pineda- Spring 2015

Journal write

This spring break my family and I spent a week at Disney world, It was pretty fun for me I guess but for my younger siblings It was tons of fun ... I do wish that there where more roller coasters but otherwise it was fun, on the way home we stopped in Georgia to go take my grandma out for dinner to celebrate her birthday my grandmother chose to go to red lobster

The reason why I chose this specific journal entry because I love my grandmother and because spring break was a little more fun then I let on in this write I just think that maybe at the time I was being a little ungrateful plus it was great to see the rest of my family while we stopped in Georgia, I EVEN GOT TO SEE MY DAD!! and I do miss him a lot considering that I don't get to see him a lot.

Short essay

Prompt: Would you visit the past If you could?

To be honest I don't know is I would visit the past or not because first like the book if you where to travel to the past there could be a possibility that you could step on a flower or a butterfly or something and then end up messing up the future so therefor you would have to be extra regular careful when you time travel, but then again who wouldn't want to go to the past just to see and/or interact with a person who past away or is very special to you or just to experience first hand what is was like in the 1800s or better yet find out unanswered questions in ancient history! so yea I really don't know what I would do but I do see the possibilities coming from both sides.

Short essay

Prompt: Is love stronger than hate?

Yes I think love is stronger than hate because love brings people together and hate tears people apart for instance when have you ever herd or hate bringing people together but you have always herd of love bringing people together either from society or from your home. Pat Benatar performed a song called love is a battlefield one and she was right love is a battlefield and you can definitely see this in the book Romeo and Juliet because they are fighting to stay together even though they have families that hate each other

Self reflection