Vintage Style Dresses UK

Update Your Wardrobe to Stand Out from the Crowd

One only has to look at the catwalks of the major fashion capitals to see that experimentation within fashion is back, and all the designers are battling hard to bring something new to the stage, and surprise us with their creative thinking and stylish ideas. This has filtered through to parties as well, with those hosting events or formal gatherings, deciding on a theme for the party in order to enhance the evening and make it more memorable. Some hosts even go to the lengths of asking guests to dress up to match the theme of the event as well. This trend first started with the idea of celebrating festivals such as Halloween or Christmas with people dressing up as Monsters or Father Christmas, but in recent times it has spread throughout the year.

As previously stated, there can be many reasons for people to want to host a gathering, but the motive behind using a theme for the party is usually to do something a little different and to spirit people away from their mundane life for a time. The day to day tasks that we have to complete can wear us down over time, and so having a themed gathering can shake things up for us once in a while. You can also shake things up in your daily life more often by discarding your boring high street outfits and adding some sophistication and charm to your wardrobe by shopping the vintage style dresses UK online at Little Wings Factory. Here you can achieve the perfect party look by purchasing one of the super feminine swing dress styles from the 50s along with a petticoat to really enhance the feminine shape. You can also add a modern twist to the outfit by choosing a petticoat in a clashing colour to the dress, or keep it sleek by matching the shade of both dress and petticoat.

Another trend that has emerged is on the wedding front, where brides are looking back and getting inspiration from classic bridesmaids styles from the past and theming their whole wedding around the 1950s and vintage style. This again is driven by a desire to be different, and to make their wedding an occasion that is talked about for years to come. Little Wings Factory are pleased to be able to offer these brides, vintage style bridesmaid dresses that will fit and flatter all the bridesmaids, and leave them feeling elated about the dress choice. They will also provide the happy couple with some amazing wedding photos as well.