David Levithan

Imagine waking up in a different body every day... but being in love with the same person


The book Every Day by David Levithan, is about a boy who doesn’t have a name because he was never given one. Waking up every day in a new body, a new life that is not his own. He’s never gotten a chance to discover what he really feels until waking up as boy with a girlfriend that makes him believe he can have a nice life. Day after day he tries to forget the girl but ends up realizing he’s in love with her. By putting the people he’s inhabiting lives on hold by finding ways to get close to her.

“I wake up thinking of yesterday. The joy is in remembering; the pain is in knowing it was yesterday.”
David Levithan, Every Day



"I've never read a book like David Levithan's Every Day. I didn't just read this book, I inhaled it." says Jodi Picoult (author of lone wolf and between the lines)

"Genius concept, brilliantly written. Every Day is David Levithan at his very best, and that is very, very good.” Says Ellen Hopkins (author of crank)

David Levithan on EVERY DAY
Everyday by David Levithan (Book Trailer)
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