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Caldera, Jamail, Karp, Lester

Well On Our Way!

We are well on our way to a fabulous school year! The students are getting settled in and doing well adjusting to daily life at DSMS. Thank you for sending us such amazing students each day. We are loving getting to know all of our students!

Interim Reports

The moment of truth has arrived! You should receive an Interim Report Card for your student this week. Please go to Skyward Family Access to view the report. The important thing to know is this is a snapshot of your student's grades from the first three weeks of school. If the grade is satisfactory, great, keep up the good work! If it is not, then please discuss with your student how they could work to improve their grade before the official report card comes out in a few weeks. If you notice that your student is missing an assignment, please have them come see one of us so we can talk about it. If you have any questions for us, as always, please email or call!


~Please check Skyward Family Access and teacher webpages frequently.

~All four content areas have morning tutorials from 8:30 a.m. - 8:55 a.m. This is a wonderful opportunity to go in for questions, absent work, and/or to study

~Late work/absent grades filter into the grade book a bit slower. Please be patient while we get those miscellaneous grades posted.

~Don't forget to purchase Fantasy island blue boards from Prints Plus by September 26th.

Sumatran Team Homework Link

Here is a live link to our daily homework postings:

Sumatran Team Homework Link

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