Media Literacy


Journal 1

Media is vintage, seen through out history in various forms, such as using pigeons to deliver letters to Facebook, Twitter, and CNN. It's a way to update us with the latest news. Back in the day people sent letters and used the telegraph to keep themselves updated within the society. However, in our modern world, we learn the latest news within seconds by clicking on a simple link. Scrolling down our Facebook newsfeed, we learn the upcoming fashion trends, celebrity scandals, new events, pictures, and our friend's birthday. We are consumed by media to the extent that the first thing we do every morning is check our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or etc. At night, the last thing done in bed before sleeping, is refreshing our news feed to get the latest update. Media dominates our society universally. Instead of talking to each other in real life, we communicate through social networks. This leads to the topic of being Media Literate. Media literacy is a necessity in our modern world because of media's influence on it. Being media literate would suggest that one is capable of using the latest media and communicating through it. For example, a person who uses social media to stay updated would be considered media literate. People who are media literate use the media for many purposes such as advertisements, achieving fame, or supporting causes. Everytime we log onto Facebook or Youtube, we see companies marketing their products. Other times, people send us a request to join a group to support a beneficial cause.

Journal 2

Journal 3

Google Search of Sochi at school

My Google Search of Sochi

Reflection on the two searches

My results of the google searches were slightly different, yet had some similarities. Between the searches, one common topic was the upcoming olympics, which will be held in Sochi. However in the school search, google gave me news on Sochi. My phone searched images & general information on Sochi, and the olympic websites. I think they were different because it was searched at different times. To search for information, I will type in specific words on Google to get the results I am searching for. In addition, I will use databases for credible websites

Journal 4

The Search for myself...

Searching myself on Google surprised me due to the results that popped up within .21 seconds. Even though my facebook profile is set on private, google had my current and previous profile pictures in images. The web results brought up my facebook page, school information, what city I live in, and pictures of me on my friends' twitter. The most surprising result was Google had found I won an award for Reflections in 8th grade. Google had showed what I won, my school, my entry, and teacher. It makes me mad and slightly nervous that random people can get my personal information so easily, and especially use my pictures without me even knowing. I realized even though my facebook is set on private, Google can still get my profile picture and information from other ways. After searching myself, I realized I should be careful on what I put on social media because it will somehow find its way on the web for general public to see.

Journal 5

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