The Real Juliet

By Erica and India

"The Capulets and Montagues: the real story" by Linda Nickerson

It is believed that the sotry Romeo and Juliet is real and happened in Verona, Italy in 1303.

'The Real Letters to Juliet: Casa di Giulietta in Verona" by Corinne


* Casa di Giulietta (Juliet's house) is said to be where the Capulet family lived, the house is located in the center of Verona. *In the courtyard, is a bronze statue of Juliet, which many believe is good luck if you take a picture with her. If you look to the walls of the courtyard you will see many letters on the wall, these letters are written by many people all over the world to get love advice from the Secretaries of Juliet.

" The real Romeo and Juliet" by Stage Beauty.

The real Roemo and Juliet may have been Spanish but their names were Don Juan Diego Martienez de Marcilla and Dona Ysabel de Jegura and they died in the city of Teruel in 1217.

"Shakespeare Sloved"

many believe it was based off of Southampton, a courtier of Queen Elizabeth and Robert Devereux were the real ROmeo and Juliet and the Queen didnt want them to be together.

"Shakespeare FQA"

Shakespeare found the story of Romeo and Juliet in Arthur Brooke's 1562 peom entilted " THe Tragical Historye of Romeous and Juliet."

"Prehistoric Romeo and Juliet discovered" by Ariel David

Two 5000 year old Skeltons found lo9cked in their embrace in the city near Verona and the bodies were young because teeth were still intact,