Lincon's Last Days

Matthew Battaglia

Every man deserves to be free

This book is about the last battles of the civil war and Lincoln's assassination. This book tells why and how general Lee surrendered to general Grant. This book also gives the names of Booth's other targets and conspiritors. It also talks about famous civil war battles. This book aso talks about the original assassination plans for Lincoln. This book also features famous quotes from some characters. It also provides background info on all characters.

Two Main characters and setting

Two main characters in this story are Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the U.S.A believes that slavery is in humain and it must be stopped. John Wilks Booth a confederate assassin who killed Lincoln and he believes that America can't survive without slavery. In this book their are many settings but the main one is Fords theater because it is where Lincoln was killed.

Conflict and resolution

The problem in this story is that General Lee won't back down to General Grant and John Wilks Booth is planning to kill Lincoln. With the union's constant victories and the fall of the confederate headquarters Richmond, Virginia Lee is getting more discouraged by the day. This problem is resolved when Lee sees no way out and finaly surrenders to Grant. John Wilks Booth and his allies plan to kidnapp Lincoln but booth has doubts and plans to kill Lincoln. This problem is resolved when John is captured and put in prison for Lincon's murder.

Bill O' Reilly

Bill O' Reilly was born in New York on sepetember 10 1949. He started a television career with the local news all across the country. In his time as a correspondent, he won three Emmy Awards. When Fox News was created, he was hired to do his own program called, The O'Reilly Factor, which quickly became the most watched cable news program for its conservative commentary and interviews. Over the years he also worked for CBS and ABC news. O'Reilly is also the author of numerous titles, including nonfiction bestsellers like The O'Reilly Factor and The No Spin Zone, as well as novels like Those Who Trespass and controversial presidential thrillers such as Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy.