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Week of August 16th 2021

Principal Message Week of August 16

Principal Message

Week of August 16, 2021

Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year! We are very excited and look forward to seeing all of our students.

I would like to start by sharing some procedural information for the first day of school which is tomorrow, August 18th. I am adding the Kennedy Bell schedule here for your reference. Tomorrow’s schedule are periods 1, 3, 5, 7. It’s a block day!!!

Kennedy will open the designated gates (Drive-thru 100 Wing, Washington and Gym) and have supervision starting at 8:00 am in the morning at the three locations indicated in the map below.


  • Students can walk or be dropped off; loading zones are marked in white and if using the drop-off lane in the front parking lot, drop your student off along the sidewalk, and proceed out of the parking lot. (Recommended for 6th grade students) it is important to keep the cars moving.

What do students and families need to do?

  • Students will go to one of the three designated entrances where they will be met by our campus supervisors who will ask students if they have completed their wellness form.

  • Students will either place the form in a box or inform the campus supervisor that it was completed online. If a student did not complete an online wellness form or does not have a paper wellness form complete, they will be handed a clipboard to complete the form. (The line will move faster if families can complete the form prior to arrival.)

Please an online form each day (Highly Recommended)

Wellness form in English

Wellness Form Spanish

What happens between 8:00 - 8:22 am?

  • Students can congregate on the blacktop and field during this time. (Breakfast is served during brunch each day which is at 10:06)

At 8:22 the Warning Bell Rings

  • Students should walk directly to their first period classes.

8:25 Classes begin each day!!!!

*Students will not be marked late for the first week of school


What if my student has not received their schedule?

If your student has not received their schedule the student should enter from one of the designated locations (with wellness form) and go directly to the library where the students will receive their schedules.


To assist tomorrow morning, our PTO made some signs which will be displayed to assist families with morning drop off.


Procedure for Dismissal

Dismissal is a little different. Students are able to exit Kennedy via the same gates used for entering and they can also exit via the Front Office gate. There will be adult supervision outside to assist with dismissal.

Some more Reminders:

  • Bike Rack is located next to the 100 wing entrance. When Students arrive on campus they can lock their bikes there. We also have a skateboard storage location in the office. Students enter the office through the back door and store it there.

Bikes and skateboards cannot be ridden while on camps

  • No Schedule changes for the first few weeks. Administration is currently reviewing requests.

Have a great rest of your afternoon

See everyone soon,

Nikolaos Fanourgiakis


Kennedy Middle School

School Recommended Entrances for drop-off (Please Review)

In our effort to make drop off as smooth as possible, we have designated three areas for each grade level. All students must enter through a designated location and must complete a student wellness form online or in person when coming onto campus. It is highly recommended that the online form or paper copy be completed prior to arriving at school. This will help save time entering campus.

We look forward to seeing how it goes the first day.

Big picture

Boys and Girls Club

Kennedy is happy to be beginning our partnership with the Boys and Girls Club to support our students. The program will begin the first day of school and will go from dismissal to 6:00 pm each day.

First week transition:

  • To assist students who transition from school to after school Boys and Girls Club personnel will be picking up students from their last period class each day and walking them to their after school program mentor.


If you still are interested in signing up or you have further questions the information is below


School Site Director: Ruby Fong

Assistant Director: Juanita Herrera

Contact us:

COVID Optional Testing for Interested Families (Message coming from DO)

District has been sending communication regarding COVID-19 testing for families. We were informed that Kennedy School will be a community testing location. Testing will be available at Kennedy on Mondays and Thursdays after school. Times are below.

Monday from 3:00 pm -5:00 pm and Thursday from 1:45 pm - 3:30 pm. Testing will be on the corner of Goodwin and Connecticut.

The first day of testing will be this Thursday, August 18, 202

Remember you have to register prior in order to be tested.

Below is the district message explaining how to register.


Families interested in participating will need to register with Primary Health, the provider that will administer the testing for the district, and accept and sign the parent consent form. Parents need to access the Primary Health Student registration form here to consent permission for testing. For your convenience, we have included here this Fact Sheet for Patients of Rapid Antigen Testing.

Students and Family Handbook

Important School and District Links Highlighted in Red

In our effort to make our student and family handbook more accessible we have digitized it. Please understand that information in the handbook will be updated continuously to ensure families are informed.

* If you are unable to access this document digitally, a hard copy can be provided at MAZE day. A copy has also been included in the student's planner.

Family / Student Handbook

Fotos de la orientación WEB del 6to grade. (Gracias a nuestros líderes de 8vo)

August Dates

  • August 18th First Day of School Aug 18 8:25 am-3:05 pm
  • August 25th 7th Grade Social & Grand Canyon Info Mtg, Gym 6:00-8:00 pm
  • August 26th Grade Social & Outdoor Ed Info Mtg, B-Quad 6:00-8:00 pm

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