Bear Creek Elementary Special Areas

February 14th, 2022

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A Message From The Library:

Happy February, Cubs!

In the library we will be celebrating Black History Month, and will share some great Valentine read alouds!

Stay Warm,

Ms. Saenz

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Book Drive

Thank you for all of the amazing book donations for our Book Drive in the Spring! Keep them coming in! :) I am hoping for our Book Drive to become an annual event for the community that will promote reading and sharing of resources
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A Message from BCE PE:

Hello Bear Creek Families!

Volleyball and muscular system review is the plan for this week :) Students in 2-5 grade will get muscular system review sheets this week, and our assessments will be in PE next week Wednesday-Friday. We should get some good volleyball game play in this week as well! Students are learning how to set up on the court, and learning the basic rules of the game all while putting the skills we've been working on into action. Our younger students will practice volley skills and then learn about the court and the game through a throwing and catching game.

Thank you for your continued support!

Ms. Schultz and Ms. Hazard

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3rd NINE WEEKS SKILL Concepts:

Gymnastics / Parkour

This unit is a combination unit that includes a variety of activities including, agility, balancing, climbing, flexibility, jumping, locomotor, resistance bands, rolling, sandbells, and weight transfers.


This unit is a combination unit that includes a variety of activities including forearm passing, serving, setting, basic volleying with beach balls and balloons, and lead up games. Students will also learn about the basics of the game of volleyball, the history and rules, and vocabulary specific to the game.


Muscular System:

In this unit, students will learn about the muscles of the body, how to fuel their bodies through nutrition, how to hydrate their bodies, and how to care for the physical needs of their bodies through muscular strength and flexibility activities.

Sleep / Stress Management:

In this unit, students will learn about the importance of sleep. We will discuss stressors and stress management strategies. Students will learn how to care for their mental health.

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