Drama High Series


Book Review By 'Trice Crawford

Drama high is a series for teenagers that basically relates to some of their high-school life.Dealing with friendships ending , drama from ex boyfriends/girlfriends , Ex best friends , everything is an obstacle when you're in drama high.

L.Divine is a female author who's best interest is to target the attention of young adults in her book series of Drama High.Born and raised in California , she is also a priestess who now resides in the city of Atlanta along with her children, In her years of success , she holds advanced degrees in African American studies from UCLA. In her free time , she enjoys writing books to keep her readers interest. In total , she has written atleast 21 books , dropping one book every fall.

Her main character in the book ,Jayd goes through more than enough obstacles as her 4 years of high schools put her through hell. Jayd deals with jealous females , secretly envious friends , ex boyfriends , baby mama drama , etc. Jayd is always talked down on by her enemy because she lives in a family of people who have the ability to see in the future , more like Psychic , and every year , her powers get stronger which causes more problems for not only jayd , but for her family because she's not able to handle the drama or the stre