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review of 1st Quarter 2018 - 2019

Welcome to the new school year! Your SHCS Library is here to support learning for our whole community. In this newsletter you'll link to several sites that help our students with their independent reading; learn about the awesome reading incentives we have planned; and get a preview of what your child is learning in the library.

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Thank you for your continuing support of the annual library fundraiser. Over its 30+ year existence, your generous participation in the magazine sale has allowed us to bring great materials and services to the entire school.

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Library Learning


Kindergartners learn about online safety: what types of information are appropriate to share online and what to do if something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable online.

1st grade

First graders learn about the difference between fiction and nonfiction and the typical characteristics of each.

2nd grade

Students learn about search engines and how to use them effectively. We will begin our saint research project soon!

3rd grade

We learn that information can be organized to make it more accessible - and that our library uses Dewey Decimal Classification for non-fiction. The fiction section is organized by genre. We are learning characteristics of different genres. All students will have a unit of LEGO WeDo robotics which will incorporate authentic research along with a technological challenge.

4th & 5th grade

We learn effective methods for researching using the internet. We will explore our connection to the world through the internet and learn how to navigate it safely by earning our Digital Passport. And all students will have a unit of LEGO WeDo robotics which will incorporate authentic research along with a technological challenge.

6th grade Digital Literacy

Sixth graders learn use digital tools and networks ethically, responsibly and creatively. We discuss copyright, piracy, and plagiarism and how those concepts work in our digital world. We learn how the internet works (it's not magic!) and how to effectively search then evaluate results. And we discuss online communication and our developing digital footprint.

7th grade Digital Literacy

As most 7th graders turn 13 and can now use many social media sites, it is a perfect time for digital citizenship. We discuss safe communication; respecting creators' works; cyberbullying; protecting our privacy; and building a positive digital footprint. We also use more advanced research tools like databases.

8th grade Digital Literacy

After reviewing the ethical use of information, we focus on media literacy: what messages do we receive throughout our day? Who created the message and what is its real purpose? Can I check its accuracy and identify any bias in the message? How can I participate in the global learning community?

Big picture

Reading Incentives

Reading is the core of personal and academic success. Our goal is to develop life-long readers, and these incentives are only a small piece of their reading life. Students are influenced greatly by the adult readers in their lives so here are a few ways you can encourage them:

  • read aloud to them (even to older kids) or listen to audio books together
  • surround them with reading options - chapter books of all genres, picture books, comics, cookbooks, how-to books, joke books, fact books, magazines - all are great options for any age
  • let them choose what they want to read
  • visit the library often - try your public library branch, or SHCS Library is open until 4 daily, except Wed. until 2:50. Parents are welcome to create an account and check out materials.
  • be a role model by reading too!

Project LIT Community Book Club

We joined Project LIT Community to increase access to high-quality, culturally relevant books and promote a love of reading so that ALL students have the opportunity to become lifelong readers. The Project LIT reading movement began in an English classroom in Nashville, TN. (LIT stands for Literature in the... so it's "Project: Literature in the Community")

Now, we’re one of more than 500 Project LIT sites in schools and communities around the country. Be sure to follow @projectLITcomm and @projectLITSHCS on Twitter and @SHCSlibrary on Instagram for updates and announcements!

Some Project LIT titles that SHCS students will read soon include...

Save the date! Christmas mini-book Fair Dec. 19-21