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What type of work do people in this career perform?

An orthopedic surgeon, is a surgeon who has been educated and trained in the diagnosis and preoperative, operative, and postoperative treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. So they work to help improve the musculoskeletal system through treatment and operations.

What is the current salary of this occupation?

The current salary of an orthopedic surgeon is $519,000 every year.

What are the working conditions?

The working conditions of an orthopedic surgeon in indoors in a hospital. They usually work in a closed-off room along with other surgeons or doctors/ nurses.

What are the major job responsibilities?

Orthopedic surgeons treat patients' musculoskeletal systems. This means they care for patients who have problems with their bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Is there a demand for this job in the future?

The future is bright for the field of orthopedic surgery and its role in patient care. It is also bright for the professionals working in this field; however, they will experience changes in their working environment and autonomy. Orthopedic surgeons can look forward to our ongoing role and ability to serve and help increasing numbers of our patients. In addition, in the future every surgeon will enjoy utilizing the new and improved procedures and technologies.

What kind of education is needed for this type of work?

To become an orthopedic surgeon, candidates must complete an undergraduate program and 4 years of medical school, resulting in a medical degree. Training may include a full orthopedic rotation during medical school. After graduation, physicians must complete a 5-year residency program


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