Donuts To Die For!

Do-nut think about going anywhere else!

Our Recent Deals

Dollar Donuts!

You wake up late and are starving but you have to be at work or school in less then half an hour. Here at Donuts To Die For we have freshly made donuts waiting for you! Are donuts are made fresh every morning with the freshest ingredents so they are guaranteed to be delicious. We have a wide selection of donuts to fit you, we have powdered, chocalate glaze, strawberrie, blueberrie, vanilla and many more flavors. WIth our shop opened 24 hours a day you can always come in a get yourself a donut!

Any Donut.............. $1.00

Our Coffee's

Our coffee is made fresh everyday. We import the finest coffee grounds from Brazil and Columbia. We have a wide varity of coffees, we have strong black coffee, iced coffee and frozen coffees. We have mocha, hazelnut, french vanilla, and caramel. Every drink is made to order for your personal taste!

Hot Coffee

Small........... $1.00



Iced or Frozen Coffee




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Coffee and Donut Special

Have you ever been short on money but still want an early morning breakfast? Well with our new special we are offering a medium sized coffee and 2 donuts for only $5. Our coffee grounds are regularly imported from Colombia and Brazil making them rich in flavor. We brew our coffee often so its never cold or bland. With our fresh coffee and fresh donuts you stomach (and wallet) will be thanking you that you stopped for our Coffee and Donut Special!

A Medium Coffee and 2 Donuts..........................$5.00

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Build Your Own Mini Donuts

At our new event called Build Your Own Mini Donuts you can literally build your own donut!. You start off by picking the original flavor of the donut some flavors you can choose from is reqular, chocalate, strawberry or blueberry. Once you have done that you can choose the icining for it or decide if you want it to be powdered. Our icining selection is huge we have every color under the rainbow along with any flavor you want. After this station you move to the toppings portion. Here you can choose what you want on top for examples sprinkles or gummies. After that you eat your wonderful self made creation!

A Build You Own Mini Donut................... 40 cents per ounce

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About Us

Donuts to Die For started as a simple coffee and donut shop in a garage and through the support of our customers our business grew. We opened our first store in 1976 in greencastle, we then grew and opened up all around the state of Pennsylvania. In 1984 we branched out to other states including New York, California and Florida. In total we have 45 stores in total. Within the next year we hope to branch out even more by putting our shop on more countries. Canada and The United Kingdom are both in the process of opening a Donuts to Die For. As we continue to grow we will always remember our mission statement “ We bring sweetness and fulfillment to every hungry customer”.

Store Hours

Monday-Friday Open 24 hours

Saturday 7am-6pm

Sunday 7am-5pm

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