Thirty One -Open House

Hosted by Kristina and Nora

Join us for an afternoon of fun and food. and be the first to place an order from our new Spring / Summer catalog! There will also be great Raffle Prizes, here's what you do for your chance to win:

RSVP = 1 Ticket, Show Up = 1 Ticket, Bring a Friend = 2 Tickets, Place an Order = 3 Tickets, Book a 'Girls Night In' = 5 Tickets.

Kristina 209-345-0507 Nora 209-581-4391

Save The Date

Saturday, Jan. 30th, 1-4pm

7620 N El Dorado St # 200 Stockton, CA, United States

Who is Thity One?

Thirty-One Gifts is about so much more than just a bag. We are a family of individuals who share a passion for empowering women, and who are committed to celebrate, encourage and reward others for who they are. The name Thirty-One Gifts comes from Proverbs 31, which describes the attributes and the importance of a “Virtuous Woman.”

Our mission is to help women by giving them the opportunity to own their own business, providing them with all the tools and support necessary to find success and possibly build a new career!