Tech Tidbits From Your ITS {2016-2017 v.20}

Online Book Study - Worth 5 PLP Points

The 5 Myths About Technology

Who: Malibu ES & Windsor Woods ES

When: March 13 - April 17

Where: Online in Google Classroom

How: The 5 Myths about Technology book study is designed for teachers who would like a self-paced online PLP course. Each Monday, the questions will be posted in a Google Classroom for you to access and answer. Participants should complete the readings and answer the questions for that week by midnight the following Sunday. In addition to completing the reading and questions, participants should respond to at least one of their classmate's responses. It is expected that participants will participate in discussions to receive credit for this course.

You can access the book for free from this link (inside the school network):

More information will be sent once you register in Frontline (formerly My Learning Plan).

In Frontline register for: SB-E056- 5 Myths about Technology Book Study

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SeeSaw Power User Badges

Congratulations to the following faculty members for earning their SeeSaw Power User Badges!

  • Katherine Kelly (WWES)
  • Jenna Taylor (WWES)

Google Classroom Power User Badges

Congratulations to the following faculty members for earning their Google Classroom Power User Badges!

  • Alex Cameron (WWES)
  • Kelsey Borchers (WWES)

Twitter Power User

Congratulations to the following faculty members for earning their Twitter Power User Badges!

  • Matthew Orebaugh (WWES)
  • Haylie Heard (MBES)

Digital Leadership

Are you a digital leader?! Check out the great things teachers are doing in the classroom with a wide range of emerging digital tools! If you are looking to amp up your lessons with a digital tool or have been using one that you want to share please visit the site to learn something new and share your reflections. Once you have reflected on your digital tool you will receive a badge to display!. If you are ready to post your own tutorial on a great tool you are using let me know and let's get it posted!!

What's Going On???

  • Ms. Troyan's students worked with Ms. Simeone's students as they researched and wrote about animals. Look for their Wixie books soon! @MalibuES
  • Have you walked past Ms. W's room lately? Grab your smart device and use a QR reader to check out the non-fiction books her students wrote on sever weather! @MalibuES
  • Ms. Simeone's 4th grade students went on an African Safari and invited their buddy class, Ms. Troyan's 1st grade, to join them. Students saw animals interacting in their natural habitat and were able to ask great questions about ecology and adaptations. @MalibuES
  • Ms. Cameron's 3rd grade class are using a Playlist in Google Slides to go over what they've learned in Simple Machines @WindsorWoodsES
  • Ms. Borchers's 3rd grade class were given the Simple Machines Playlists to have for review as they worked their way through the Simple Machines unit. @WindsorWoodsES
  • Ms. Borchers used Google Slides to assign a Simple Machines performance task to the students. Students will answer the questions and add pictures. @WindsorWoodsES
  • Ms. Taylor's Kindergarten students are using their classroom iPads for spelling practice! @WindsorWoodsES

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