Dwa vertebrae/invertebrate project


  1. I reaserched the keel billed tocan because it sounded intresting
  2. It is a vertebrae which means the possession of a backbone or spinal column.
  3. The scientific name is Ramphastos sulfuratus which means large yellow beak.
  4. Two realatives are the toco toucan and channel billed toucan
  5. Its habitat is lowland rainforests and tropical forest
  6. The niche is to eat fruits and deposit the seed in their waste and it spreads the seeds and repopulates the fruit.
  7. 2 adaptations they have are the have a long beak to reach for the fruits and 4 toes 2on back and two on front to climb trees
  8. They are not indangerd but they are being threatened by habitat loss and affects their population

Intresting Facts

  1. The keel billed bird is the natinol bird of belize
  2. Its toungue is like a feather that catches food and throws it down its throat
  3. Toucans. Have a loud frog like call that can be heard from a mile in the jungle
  4. Some poeple used ro have the keel billed toucans as pets and used to be on the market.
  5. The keel billed toucan is a social bird that can always be seen in flocks of 6 or more birds.
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