The People's Republic of China

By : Tsaaaaamp


The communist government of the People's Republic of China is a unitary government . China's government operates under a one political party system in which all the political power rests with China's Communist Part . This means the Communist party leads the nation of China .


The premier is like the prime minister . The premier is elected by the National People's Congress upon the nomination of the president . The candidate is chosen through an informal process within the Communist Party of China . Both the prime minister and prime minister is elected every five years .

Type of Legislatures

The legislative branch is made up of the National People's Congress . It chooses the president and vice president . It is made up of only one house ( unicameral ) . Its main role is to review laws sent to it by the executive branch .

Rights of the Citizens( voting age )

China is a very authoritarian country with citizens holding limited powers . Even when there are elections , citizens can only choose from candidates pre-approved by the Communist Party . The voting age for citizens is 18 and older .

Other contries that are Communist

There are only five communist countries that exist today , including : China , Cuba , Laos , North Korea , and Vietnam .