Political Influence on Daily Life

Be careful what you say or you might get decapitated!

Power of the Rulers

Between the 16th and 17th century, England was not a good place to live in for a criminal. Criminal acts were often met with violent and harsh punishments under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I. Executions were actually pretty common and beheading was considered to be the least brutal way to kill people. The power of rulers in this era was pretty great as bad acts resulted in people being killed. Acts against the church and its beliefs also lead to executions.

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Execution Types

Clothing Was Decided For You

There were rules imposed by the Queen regarding what you could wear and what you could not. There where laws that said what color and style of clothing you could wear. Could you imagine not being able to decided what to wear by yourself? Social structure was determined this way as the royalty wore the best clothes and the peasants wore bad clothes.

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