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Reading Resolution, Part 2

Last month, I challenged families to make reading a priority New Year's Resolution. I included a chart that shows the impact of reading just twenty minutes a day. I offered a couple of ideas to encourage reading. A few parents had questions about how they can sustain this with their reluctant reader.

Let interest be the guide. In school, we often use an instructional level to guide which books students should read. At home, the goal should be enjoyment. You would be amazed at how hard a student will work to read a book that is on a high-interest topic. A child who loves snakes can often read and comprehend books well beyond their instructional level because of that interest. Once we hook children into reading about a particular topic, we can build on that interest and expand on it.

Good readers reread the same texts. To build skills in any area, repetitive practice is key. This also applies to reading. Good readers get that way by reading and rereading familiar books to the point of automaticity. Remember reading Goodnight, Moon so many times you could read it with your eyes shut? You were teaching your child about the connections between words and pictures, vocabulary, story structure, fluency, and more. Rereading familiar texts builds confidence, sight vocabulary, and fluency. If your child doesn't want to simply reread, suggest s/he read to your pet or a younger sibling. Another idea is for them to use the recorder app on a phone and record their reading.

Boost comprehension through discussing movies and TV. Have you heard from your child's teacher that s/he is struggling with comprehending? Have you noticed that your child can name all the words in the books, but can't answer questions about the book? Try building comprehension skills by talking about a movie or TV show you just saw. Ask your child to summarize what happened. Who were the characters? What was the problem? How was the problem solved? This teaches children not to be passive absorbers of media but also is a connection to comprehending texts.

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Read Across America Day.

Join in the fun as we celebrate

Read Across America Day!

Spirit Days

Mon., March 2The Cat in the Hat – Wear red and white or dress up as a
Dr. Seuss character!

Tues., March 3Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book – Wear pajamas!

Wed., March 4Wacky Wednesday – Wear mismatched clothes!

Thurs., March 5 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins – Wear a crazy hat!

Fri., March 6Oh, the Places You’ll Go! – Wear a college or career shirt!

For the latest information about Shipley’s Choice, bookmark the school website (, which houses lots of information about the school, including the Family Handbook, schedules, a school-wide calendar, and more. Also, our school frequently shares pictures and video clips of amazing things that are happening each day at school on Twitter. Follow us to check it out: @ShipChoiceAACPS.

Where are the chromebooks?

We often get asked by parents, "Where are all the chromebooks? Didn't we buy a lot of chromebooks? Why doesn't my child have a device any time?"

We have increased the numbers of chromebooks in the school significantly over the past five years, but we still do not have enough for 1:1 devices (one device for each student). Over the past five years, we have gradually increased numbers to allow each grade level to have a cart with at least a class set. Currently, there is a total of 236 devices in the building. Luckily, the devices are part of the AACPS technology refresh program and are now replaced every few years so we do not have to worry about replacing devices.

The chart shows the breakdown of where all the chromebooks are. There are more in intermediate grades because they have more writing and more computer-based assessments. All state assessments are completed on chromebooks or computers. On a day to day basis, students must share the devices across the grade level and may only have 10-15 minutes to use them in a particular class.

What do students do with chromebooks? Take assessments in all subject areas, complete final drafts of writing, typing practice, participate in discussions in Google Classroom, prepare presentations in PowerPoint or Google Slides, research, read, First In Math, watch videos to gather information, coding computers, complete exit tickets, AND SO MUCH MORE! Ask your child what s/he did on a Chromebook today!

As we move forward, we will continue to add to our chromebook numbers and carts. For every 32 devices, we must have a charging cart that costs about $1,000. Eventually, the best scenario is that each classroom teacher has a cart with enough chromebooks for the class.

We are continuing toward 1:1! We thank PTA and all for your continued efforts to support our technology!

Cell Phones at School

Please talk to your children to remind them that any Personal Communication Devices they have at school may not be used during the entire school day. This includes cell phones or watches. Students may not use devices to make phone calls, text, email, or access the internet at any time while at school. Students may never use their devices to record or photograph at any time during the school day.

AACPS policy allows elementary schools to determine rules for the use of Personal Communication Devices within their schools, on their school’s property, and while students are attending that school’s sponsored activities during regular school hours. In elementary schools, use of cell phones can be very disruptive to the students' day.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools is not responsible for the loss, theft, damage, misuse, unauthorized use, destruction, or data fees of any Personal Electronic Communication Devices brought to school by a student.

School Google Calendar

Click on the link to quickly access the SCES Google Calendar and view all of the school events for the week.

March Events

2-6 Read Across America Day!

8 Daylight savings begins

9 Interims go home.

10 School closed for Parent/ Teacher conferences

19 First day of Spring

24 2 hour early dismissal

Class Parties

This year, there will not be Valentine's Day Parties. Instead, we will have classroom "Spring Flings" on the last day before spring break. Classrooms will have Valentine activities that day. More information will be shared by room parents later.

Students may not be unattended on school property before 8:45 AM!

Arrival & Dismissal

Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe during arrival and dismissal!


  • The doors open at 8:45 AM and instruction begins for students at 9:00 AM.
  • Students may not arrive before 8:45AM. There is no supervision prior to that time.
  • Only bus riders enter through the lobby.
  • All other students enter through the doors by the kindergarten entrance.
  • Walkers assemble on the blacktop behind school and enter when directed by the teacher on duty.
  • Car riders exit their cars and may enter the building directly.


  • Keep dismissal changes to a minimum. They are confusing!
  • Students who are walkers must leave school property at dismissal. Do not arrange to meet your child anywhere on school property except the WALKER door.
  • We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE meeting your children at an off-school location, like a path to a neighborhood. If you are delayed, your child will not know and no one at school will know that they possibly needs assistance.
  • Students may never walk in the parking lot alone. Do not tell your child to meet you in the parking lot.
  • Pick students up in the designated location. If you are walking, the pick up is on the blacktop at the back of the school, not near the car loop.
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As a member of the educational team, it is crucial that every school volunteer understands that all information regarding teachers, students, and the school is confidential and should remain in the school setting. If you volunteer at school, it is not appropriate to contact others and share what you observed.
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Silver Knights

Winter/Spring Chess begins February 4th. Register here. Winter Robotics and Coding are underway. Email Holly Willis if you have any questions or concerns.

Retail Rewards

Thank you for supporting our school’s fundraisers this year so far. Every little bit helps!

Our next Ledo’s fundraiser is on February 18, 2020 at the Millersville location. Fundraiser runs all day and includes both dine-in and carry-out orders.

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