Ease of Access Center

Assistive Technology

Ease of Access Center

Learn how to access programs and settings to make your computer easier to use. The assistive tools in the ease of access center consist of using the computer without display, make the computer easier to see, use the computer without using a mouse or keypad, making the mouse and keyboard easier to use, display texts opposed to sounds, and making it easier to focus on the computer.

What is Microsoft Narrator

The Microsoft Narrator is a tool located in the ease of access center to help read text or describe things happening on the screen.

Where can I locate Microsoft Narrator?

Use in the Classroom

Microsoft Narrator is a great tool to be used in the classroom for students who have trouble reading. Not only can it read text to the blind but it can also read text to those struggling readers in your class. It is often used for students taking state test that have accommodations. I like to use it in my kindergarten class with my students because they are just becoming readers and it helps them read the words they can not. In the future I would like you use it as a tool for my more advance students to complete mini research projects on animals.

How do I use Microsoft Narrator?