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The setting is at school and a a pizza place called "Pete's Pizza".

Point of View

The point of view is in first person.

Main Characters




Police Officers

The Genre

The genre is mystery.


The theme of my book is to believe in your friends even if they aren't there by your side.


The conflict is that Kayla gets kiddnapped and she is in the middle of no where.

Plot Summary

First, Kayla and Gaby are at work and switch shifts. Then, Gaby goes home from a long day at work and leaves her best friend at work to finish up. Little does Gaby know that she caused her best friend to almost loose her life. Next, Kala gets in a bad car crash and gets kidnapped while tring to save herself. Kayla ends up finding her way back to her hometown and people start to knotice that she is all fine and run to tell the police that the missing girl has returned home. Kayla goes to the place where all of this started, Pete's Pizza to tell everyone that she is back. Last, she goes to the police and tells them that she is all well and good and she discribes the kidnapper and they end up knowing who he was and takes him to jail.

My Recomendations

I would recomend this book to any one that loves a short book or an easy read. I could red this book on the weekend in just about 2 hours. If you really love to read about mysteries and adventure then this is the book for you.