3.6 Where Are My Animal Friends?

1st Grade Scott Foresman Reading


Where are My Animal Friends?

Inference: Use your Inferencing skills!!!

Two Bad Ants movie

Good Reads!!

Below is a collection of books about hibernation. The last two are about Ground Hog's Day!
Animals In Winter
Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson
Children's book read aloud. " WHO WILL SEE THEIR SHADOW THIS YEAR? "
Go to Sleep Groundhog

2. Instruction

Reading Comprehension Strategies: SEQUENCE OF EVENTS

3. Activities

Retelling Fiction Cards

Big picture

Phonics Skills

Decodeable Reader 35 introduces the ~er and ~est comparative endings.
Big Bigger Biggest | Baby Shark Nursery Rhyme | Pinkfong Songs for Children
Big Bigger Biggest | Small Smaller Smallest | Size for Kids | Big and Small | Bigger and Smaller
Lesson 2: Comparatives and Superlatives.
Comparative Endings
Decodeable Reader 36 introduces ~dge; the sound of /j/.
Using 'ge' or 'dge' | Spelling | EasyTeaching