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CHS Media Center: 2012-13 Year in Review!


Watch the video below that highlights all the ways the CHS media center has been "Thinking! Creating! Sharing! and Growing! " this school year!

2013 CHS No Book Left Unread (NBLU) Summer Reading Challenge

Research has consistently documented the importance of summer reading. Students who read recreationally during the summer do better when the new school year begins. Studies show that students who do not read during the summer show a significant loss over the summer break. Research has shown that reading just four or five books during the summer can prevent this achievement and learning loss. the purpose of No book Left Unread is to encourage students to engage in self-selected recreational summer reading to prevent learning loss and to foster improved student achievement.

The 2013 CHS NBLU kickoff begins June 1, 2013. Keep a reading log of the number of pages you read from June 1 - August 31. Logs are available in the media center, here, and on our CHS Website under the media center tab and the 2013 No Book Left Unread Summer Reading Challenge tab. Reading Logs will be turned in by Friday, September 6, 2013. A student and faculty winner will be announced by September 13, 2013.

All participants will receive recognition for participating in the CHS NBLU challenge. The CHS student and faculty/staff member that reads the most pages will receive a gift certificate to Book-A-Million.

Check out these Web 2.0 Tools!

Play! Get Creative! is one of the easiest tools on the Web to create infographics. You just “drag-and-drop” a variety of themes, type in your data, and you’ve got a great infographic.

Hello Slide

Hello Slide lets you upload a PDF of your PowerPoint. You can then type in the narration and it will use a text-to-speech feature to provide audio to your slideshow.


ikiMap lets you easily create maps and you can insert images off the web just by using their URL addresses.


Thinglink lets you upload or grab an image or video off the web and easily annotate items with the image or video.


ImageSpike is a new web tool that is supposed to do just about the same thing as Thinglink.


MarQueed is like a Thinglink and ImageSpike on steroids and allows collaborative annotation.


In Focus lets you, without any registration required, literally “highlight” a section of any webpage and provides a unique URL address linking to it.


inklewriter is a free tool designed to allow anyone to write and publish interactive stories. It’s perfect for teachers and students looking to mix computer skills and creative writing.


Pandamian is a very simple and free tool to create an ebook. Sign-up takes a few seconds, and you’re given your own URL address for all your future books. Click on “create a new book” and you’re off! You can easily copy and paste images, and readers can leave moderated comments. They can also subscribe to an RSS feed if they want to be updated on newer chapters and it can be embedded.


Themeefy lets you grab pretty much anything you want off the Web, and add your own materials, to create a personalized magazine that can be shared/embedded wherever you want.

CHS Media Maven's Wiki

The above Web 2.0 tools plus many more can be found on the CHS Media Maven's Wiki! Check it out!

CHS Takes a Bite Out of Common Core!

Check out the CHS Common Core Wiki for resources, activities, and information about the Common Core.

A favorite Quote:

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." ~Alvin Toffler

"We're Booked @ CHS!" Celebrates the end of the year with a "Splash into Summer Reading" Party!