Potential energy vs Kinetic Energy

Who will win in this battle Of two energies

Potential Energy

  1. http://www.energy.govHas the potential to to do something
  2. Doesn't move or try to move
  3. Example a bird has the potential to fly but it doesn't
  4. Like a person who doesn't try to do anything
  5. Is stored energy
  6. Is related to the position of the object

Kinetic Energy

  1. Uses stored energy to move
  2. Moves and uses energy
  3. Example a bird flying out of the nest
  4. Like a student succeeding in school
  5. http://www.energy.gov
  6. It increases as the thing moves faster

The three w's we ask Who Will Win ?

What's the difference between Potential and Kinetic energy

Kinetic energy is when something moves

Potential energy. when something doesn't move

explaining the picture ⬆ above

Pt 1is potential energy because the boy isn't moving

Pt 2 and pt 3 is kinetic energy because the boy is moving

The picture ⬆ above Explains itself

Pt a) is potential and pt b) is kinetic

The photo above

The first picture is potential energy because she isn't moving and the second picture is kinetic energy because she is now high in the air